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MARCH 2006















08-01-05 ROUNDUP - [1] That Was No Lady, That Was a Bank Robber!, [2] BETHESDA DOCTORS STUNNED - POST-SURGERY PETERSON IS LEUKEMIA FREE, [3] Delivery of brain-dead woman's baby 'bittersweet' for her family, [4] POLICE BEAT: D.C. Police Chief's Unmarked Police Car Stolen, [5] DCPD OFFICER'S CAR SABOTAGED AT WEB OF NIGHT; NO ARRESTS MADE SO FAR, [6] Bubba The Leviathan Lobster Dies, [7] Couple Faked Death With Stolen Corpse, [8] Woman Details Her 20-Year Coma, [9] Good news on severed goat heads: Satan not involved -- Lazy worker to blame, [10] Cocaine courses through Italian waterway, [11] Wild Iceberg Tears up Antarctica -- http://www.digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News8-01-05.htm

08-15-05 ROUNDUP - [1] PHANTASM TO REMAIN OPEN - OWNERS LOCATED, SELLING OWNERSHIP TO NEW MANAGEMENT YET AGAIN, [2] D.C. Airspace May Be Restricted for Good, [3] STRANGE PILLAR OF LIGHT STRIKES STREET NEAR OCCULT SHOP, [4] Shinzui Subsidiary Magadon Experiences Terrorist Attack, [5] Nextel Exec's Actress Wife Missing After Car Wreck in Western Fairfax County, [6] ENTERTAINMENT NEWS (Dark), [7] Classifieds, [8] Seattle Man Catches Fire During Surgery, [9] Inventor Kurzweil Aiming to Live Forever, [10] George Bush Releases Revised Republican Bible, [11] Big Ben's Silence Baffles Engineers, [12] Man raised from the dead at Bulgarian wedding, [13] Doctors Separate Legs of 'mermaid' Baby -- http://www.digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News8-15-05.htm


JULY 2005
07-01-05 ROUNDUP - [1] MILTON PETERSON TO UNDERGO SURGERY, [2] Congress confuses file sharing with manslaughter, [3] Local Man Arrested for Using $2 Bills at Best Buy, [4] DRUGS MAY HAVE PLAYED A PART IN VICIOUS ATTACK AT BOUND, [5] ENTIRE BLOCK OF BUSINESSES IN NORTHEAST DC DESTROYED, [6] Court rules man can sue lover over deceitful pregnancy, [7] NYSE IT glitch fixed, sparks frustration, [8] Exploding Toads Baffle Experts, [9] Ruins Support Myth of Rome's Founding, [10] Healing Waters in Tlacote, Mexico, [11] GOSSIP COLUMN - Gabby & Raine Call It Quits -- http://www.digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News7-01-05.htm


JUNE 2005
06-01-05 ROUNDUP - [1] PHANTASM SAYS WILL CLOSE DOORS SOON INDEFINITELY, [2] Jesus Christ Wants To Drive, [3] Rumsfeld, Myers Join Bikers (Rolling Thunder), [4] RETIRED CALIFORNIA SENATOR TOM CAMPBELL INDICTED FOR PENTEX CONNECTION, CHARGES OF CORRUPTION, [5] MY CAT HACKED UP AN ELVIS PRESLEY HAIRBALL, [6] UN Authorizes World Advisory Council to Fight Terrorist ‘Nine’ and Akashic Brotherhood, [7] Pet Shop Owner: Turtle Has Satan Image After Surviving Fire, [8] Homebuilders Encase Bible In Every House's Foundation, [9] Cambodian Troops Quarantine Quan'sul (Zombie Parasite), [10] Girl tortured over witchcraft claims -- http://www.digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News6-01-05.htm


MAY 2005
05-01-05 ROUNDUP - [1] PHANTASM UNDER MANAGEMENT UPHEAVAL - SWANK DANCE CLUB'S FUTURE UNCERTAIN, [2] Embassies Decry Increasing Terrorism and Violence in Washington - Petitioning to Move Embassy Row Elsewhere, [3] The Magic Box Curio & Book Store Reopens, [4] DCPD Officer Billups In Another Northeast Shootout Just Weeks After Killing Partner, [5] Mysterious Creatures, or Movie Magic Gone Awry? Slaughter at Capital Hill Ends in Fantastic Battle, [6] Pool Hall "Rabble" Scene of Second Arson in Three Years, [7] New Fairy Shrimp Species Found in Idaho, [8] Dead Squid Wash Up in California Again, [9] Texas woman calls for immediate shut down of The Internet, [10] Big Ben's silence baffles engineers, [11] Drivers Blamed for Metal Mystery, [12] 'Berlusconi's Fat' Moulded to Art, [13] ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN ON HIATUS. -- http://www.digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News5-01-05.htm


APRIL 2005
04-01-05 ROUNDUP - [1] PHANTASM UNDER PENDING NEW MANAGEMENT, [2] TORQUEMADA TAKES ON NASCAR ONCE MORE, [3] DEN REOPENS YET AGAIN - THIRD TIME'S THE CHARM?, [4] DCPD OFFICER CRACKS IN LOCAL EATERY ALTERCATION; SHOTS FIRED, OFFICER FATALLY WOUNDED, [5] Bermuda Triangle Glows, [6] Ghosts do not scare me, says Malawi leader, [7] Study Warns of Junk-News Diet, [8] Island of Hawaii Destroyed by Volcanoes, [9] SHINZUI INDUSTRIES QUIETLY ACQUIRES SEVERAL DIVISIONS OF PENTEX, INC.  http://www.digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News4-01-05.htm


MARCH 2005
03-01-05 ROUNDUP: [1] Pentagon Tries to Explain Secret Group, [2] Population of Fog-Covered Roanoke, VA Disappears, [3] Homeless Illegally Cut Off From Shelter, [4] POLICE NEWS: Foxxx's Den, Aesik Baird/Arson, [5] Entertainment NEWS/GOSSIP: Cross & Aria, [6] Shrieking Frogs Unnerve Hawaiian Island, [7] Woman charged with killing daughter with hammer, shovel, [8] Man Appears Simultaneously in LA and Florida, [9] Monster star burst was brighter than full Moon, [10] Shaolin kung fu master appeals to legislators for protection, [11] German supermarket chain uses fingerprint ID for payment -- http://www.digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News3-01-05.htm




01-01-05 ROUNDUP: [1] MYSTERY SECT VANISHES (The Church of Abaddon Ascendant), [2] LOCAL WOMEN'S SHELTER REOPENS IN SOUTHEAST (House of Ruth), [3] ANOTHER NATURE SPOT CROPS UP IN DC (Decatur Square), [4] Another Disaster Plagues DC - Flooding and Mudslides from Damaged Utilities Wreak Havoc in Southwest - Local Bistro and Several Blocks Around It Destroyed (Bryan's Black Iron), [5] RASH OF ANEMIA & HOSPITAL PLACEMENTS AMONGST DC'S HOMELESS, [6] TEMPERAMENT OF DC RESIDENTS ON EDGE; GOVERNMENT BLAMES POST-BLACK NOVEMBER TRAUMA AND STRESS, [7] GOSSIP COLUMN: Aesik Baird, [8] TERRORIST GROUP CONTINUES TO ELUDE FBI APPREHENSION - PHILADELPHIA, PA (The Akashic Brotherhood), [9] Fire Sweeps Through Barnard College (New York City), [10] Atlanta Man Burns to Ash Under Dawn Sun, [11] Tuning in to a deep sea monster - LONDON, England (Bloop), [12] 11-fingered, 12-toed man has extra digits surgically removed - Trenton, NJ / Dominican Republic, [13] Ex-communist countries pledge to improve plight of gypsies - Sofia, Bulgaria -- http://www.digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News1-01-05.htm


12-01-04 ROUNDUP: [1] DC Blackout Leaves Many Questions Unanswered; Devastation In Its Wake, [2] MYSTERY PUBLIC SITE CLEANINGS CONTINUE, [3] GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY LEADS THE WAY - ALL DC CITY UNIVERSITIES AFFECTED BY THE BLACKOUT EXTEND ACADEMIC YEAR, [4] POLICE NEWS - Missing Persons Reports, [5] Blackout Turns The Light Off for Four Rising Stars (VHHV Bus Crash), [6] CDC Baffled by New York ‘Sea Monster’, [7] Explosion Reveals Hundreds of Bodies in Michigan Factory, [8] New England Town in Grip of Fanatics, [9] Strange Airship Broadcasts Enigmatic Warning to Paris, [10] Italian Cultists Claim Responsibility for Kidnappings, [11] Japanese team discovers 3,500-year-old mummy in Egypt, [12] ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: Clubs reopening, Loki, 1200 Murdered Brothers, Gabby & Raine, Helen & Box O'Rocks -- http://www.digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News12-01-04.htm


11-15-04 ROUNDUP: [1] DC Blackout Lifts After Mayor Backs Down on 'Degenerate Cult' ; [2] RUMORS OF MORE "ANGEL" SIGHTINGS AT WEB OF NIGHT AS BLACKOUT BEGAN! [3] POLICE NEWS - The Blackout of 2004; [4] ENTERTAINMENT NEWS; [5] HELL FREEZES OVER IN BOSTON: THE RED SOX WIN THE WORLD SERIES! [6] Pentex Conglomerate's Corporate Execs Vanish [7] ‘Sea Monster’ Seen in New York’s East River [8] Norway police quiz suspect in 'The Scream' theft [9] Royal Speech Sparks Vigilantism [10] ‘Vampires’ Attack Parisian Crowd [11] South Pole Rocked by Earthquake [12] LOCAL SITES INEXPLICABLY CLEANED - ENVIRONMENTALISTS DENY RESPONSIBILITY -- http://www.digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News11-15-04.htm


10-31-04 ROUNDUP: [1] DC Plunged Into Inexplicable Blackout; Mayor Williams Denies 'Degenerate Cult' Connection; [2] RUMORS OF "ANGEL" SIGHTINGS AT GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY; [3] MUSICIAN LOKI (STEPHEN W. BYRNE) WILL NOT COMPLETE RAPE TRIAL; ACCUSER MEGHAN AMBROSE DROPS ALL CHARGES; [4] SHOOTOUT AT BRYAN'S BLACK IRON HERALDS IN REFORM ON DC GUN LAWS; [5] SEVERAL LOCAL SMALL TIME CRIMINALS MISSING — LOCAL GANGS CRY STALKER, RESIDENTS CHEER, POLICE STUMPED; [6] ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: [a] KATHERINE WHITTIER GETS BACK UP IN THE SADDLE AGAIN, [b] GOSSIP COLUMN: Aesik Baird, Jane Smith, Jamie Coxwell, Jason MacGrey, Francesca Torquemada, Helen Fairfield and Raine Drouven; [7] LA Gang War Takes Occult Turn — LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA; [8] Terrorist Bombing at NASA Hides Kidnappings — CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA; [9] HIBISCUS PLANTS DON'T GET YOU HIGH  — HOUSTON, TEXAS; [10] Mexico City Gripped by Chaos and Mass Disappearances — PUEBLA, MEXICO; [11] Egypt Struck by Mysterious SIDS Outbreak — CAIRO, EGYPT --- http://www.digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News10-31-04.htm





8-1-04 ROUNDUP: [1] Fatal Wounds Spell Out Ancient Text (Baltimore), [2] FOXXX AIMS TO WOO WASHINGTON... CLOTHED [3] POLITICAL NEWCOMER BAIRD MAKING STRIDES, [4] WHITTIER UNDERGOING INTENSIVE REHAB, JOB TALKS [5] STREET POET GOLDMAN LEAVES REHAB [6] BYRNE/AMBROSE RAPE TRIAL PROCESS CONTINUES [7] Underground Collapse in New York City, [8] Violence and Madness Grip OSU Campus (Ohio), [9] Falun Gong Practitioners From Around the World Appeal at DNC in Boston [10] Hundreds Die From Rat Attacks in Calcutta, [11] Rats Swarm Across England, [12] Japanese Buildings Are ‘Growing’, [13] CRICKETS INVADE NICE AIRPORT, [14] LETTERS TO THE EDITOR (Stem Cell Research, Loki), [15] GOSSIP - THE SENATE RACE, THE RACE TRACK & RACING HEARTS, Charity Concert: 


8-15-04 ROUNDUP: [1] LOCAL CULT BUTTS HEADS WITH MAYOR, [2] CHARITY CONCERT A SELL-OUT BUT NOT A SELLOUT (REVIEW), [3] California Pelican Deaths Puzzle Wildlife Officials, [4] Dangling from Meat Hooks, for Fun, [5] Archeologists discover ancient graffiti on China's Great Wall, [6] Letter to the Editor (Rebuttal), [7] MINOR APPROACHED IN SPRINGFIELD AREA, [8] ADULT ENTERTAINER CHASTITY FOXXX MISSING, [9] Sports News (Robbie Jones Returns to Georgetown, Off RedShirt List, [10] Style & Social News (Kareem Oakley, Jaymes Lovier, Loki, Carlos Santana), [11] ENTERTAINMENT: LOCAL RAPPERS CHANGING IMAGE, STREET POET FEATURED IN NEXT MONTH'S "BELTWAY":  http://www.digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News8-15-04.htm


JULY 2004
7-17-04 ROUNDUP: [1] Adult Films Show Another Side of D.C., [2] UFOs Around The Beltway, [3] SOCIAL NEWS: Jamison & Helen Fairfield, Kitty Whittier, [4] CLASSIFIEDS, [5] Chicago 'Vampire-Hunter' Bordruff Escapes Federal Custody, [6] NASA Denies Spy Satellite Rumors, [7] Hacker, 20, indicted on federal charges. Allegedly broke into Dept. of Defense, NASA systems, [8] Terrorists Suspected in Gateway Arch Explosion, [9] Porn or Confession? Priest Tells All, [10] Boy Writes Apology in Blood for Dozing in Class, [11] International Authorities Investigating Mysterious 'Ventrue' Cartel:



JUNE 2004
6-27-04 ROUNDUP: [1] Richmond, VA Museum Linked to Bipolar Disease Outbreak, [2] Kitty Whittier Recovering, to be Discharged in July, [3] Lab Results In Loki's Rape Trial Shed New Light, [4] Reporter Berkeley Learmonth Dies In Fire, [5] SOCIAL NEWS: Ashley Peterson Sequestered, [6] Classified Ads, [7] Canadian Praying Preachers Ground Flight To Baltimore, [8] Meteor Explosion In Seattle, [9] Unknown Mammal In NC, [10] Hand Falls From Long Island Sky, [11] Pete The Porno Puppet, [12] Man Commits Suicide After Sex With Hen, [13] Weeping Statues In Australia, [14] Dead Dolphins In Mauritania, [15] Growling On Puerto Rican Radio, [16] Web/Phantasm Charity Concert Auditions:



MAY 2004
5-14-04 ROUNDUP: [1] Kitty Whittier Continues To Recover, [2] POLICE BEAT: N.H. Senator's Wife Abducted, Then Freed; Teen Who May Have Seen Killing Is Slain; SINGER LOKI PLEADS NOT GUILTY TO RAPE AND ASSAULT CHARGES, [3] STYLE & SOCIAL COLUMN: Berkeley Learmonth & Loki, The Hush Open Mike, [4] Classifieds, [5] Super-hot star caught in death throes, [6] 19 Porn Actors Cleared For Work After AIDS Scare, [7] Atlanta Billboards Warn of Doomsday, [8] Texas ‘Vampire-Hunter’ Sentenced to Life, [9] Flying Saucer Fever Grips Iran, Theories Abound, [10] Letters To The Editor/Editorial Rebuttal:  http://www.digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News5-14-04.htm


APRIL 2004

4-24-04 ROUNDUP: [1] Kitty Whittier Out of Cocaine Coma, [2] Robbie Jones Hiatus, [3] ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: Jorsca at the Phantasm, Foxxx's Den Opens, Kareem Oakley, Scotty Goldman, Hank Taylor interview, [4] Classifieds, [5] Ash Man Cult Murderers, [6] LA Couple Says Daughter Abducted by Blood Cult, [7] Bloodied Man With No Pulse Escapes Detroit Hospital, [8] Artist Says She Made Pistol Out of Own Skin, [9] Radical Group Appears in Black Forest, [10] Teens Steal Skull, Use as Puppet, [11] POLICE BEAT: MD HS SENIOR MURDERED, Second Web Baltimore DJ Missing, Loki's Pre-Trial Conference, Gabrielle Wildwood arrested, [12] Editorial: The Patriot Act & the FBI, [13] Letter To The Editor: The Vatican's Eucharist Withholding




MARCH 2004

3-17-04 -- ROUNDUP: [1] Kitty Whittier In Hospital; Possibly Drug Related, [2] POLICE BEAT:  Stockbroker John Weinmahr killed; White House Guard de Jesus MIA; singer Loki awaits rape trial, [3] ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: Kareem "Sultan Homicide" Oakley & 1200 Murdered Brothers; Kailian Abyssinian & Capital Casting; Aki Oshii Misses Phantasm Performances, [4] SPORTS NEWS: NASCAR (Francesca Torquemada), [5] Fresno, CA Man Murders 9 of His Own Family, [6] Upstate New York Mountain Man Surrenders Drenched in Blood, [6] St. Paul Radio Caller Warns of 'Monsters Among Us', [7] Self-Immolation of Cardinal Shocks Vatican, [8] Unexplained Solar Eclipse Baffles Astronomers, [9] Abercrombie & Fitch Ad: 



2-13-04: Marx Ingels's "Exquisite Corpse: Death of an Angel" music video premiere party at Shampoo in Philly and Web of Night in DC: http://digitalgothic.net/Events/Marx/angeldeathwp.jpg (promo) [and] http://digitalgothic.net/Events/Marx/marxvideo.htm

2-13-04 -- ROUNDUP: [1] Amatsu & Mireiyu Tohno Return to Japan, [2] Loki Donates to DC Schools, [3] Catholic Church Received Large Donation, [4] Loki Out On Bail, Awaiting Trial, [5] DCPD False Alarms, Missing Homeless Man, [6] Kitty's Column (Chastity Foxxx, Helen & Cross, Loki, [7] Chicago Blood Cult, [8] New Mexicans Claim Angels Battle In Their Skies, [9] Walla Walla, WA Water Supply Tampering, [10] Chinese SARS Quarantine, [11] Riots on the Ganges River, [12] Scottish Earthquake, [13] Classifieds and Ads: http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News2-13-04.htm

3984 Missing Persons Information Adam Davis boshtof Sun  2/22/2004
3985 News Release from Holocaust Museum Staff about the Passion of Christ Adam Davis boshtof Thu  2/26/2004


3950 IC NEWS: MEGHAN AMBROSE: TO EUROPE AND BACK MaGnUs lordmagnusen Sun  1/11/2004
3952 Newspaper Ad: Lonely Scholar Seeks Nightly Companion Adam Davis boshtof Wed  1/14/2004


1-15-04 - ROUNDUP: [1] SD Congressman Haddox Dead, [2] Capital Hill Vandalized, [3] Missing Homeless, Prostitutes & Street People, [4] Bryan McGuire & Rae Hudson Missing, [5] Gossip: Violet Eyed Man & Tall Woman, Loki, Ashley, Mystery Dark Haired Man, Jaymes, Mireiyu Tohno, Aki, Professor Aephestus, Allison "X", [6] Chicago Vampire Cult, [7] SF Bayview Killer, [8] Underground Mass Burial In Atlanta, [9] Pope Gives Doomsday Address, [10] Earthquake in Egypt, [11] Witnesses Claim to see Bible Visions in Cairo: http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News1-15-04.htm



3907 IC NEWS: MUSIC BUSINESS (Loki's new album "Strings Attached") MaGnUs lordmagnusen Thu  12/4/2003

12-10-03 - ROUNDUP: [1] Catholic U Professor MIA, [2] FBI Busts Hacker Ring, [3] Two Baltimore DJ's Missing, [3] Chinatown Disturbance, [4] Jaymes Lovier Clears Name, [5] Silicon Valley Tech Firm Fire, [6] Florida Blood Orgy Cult, [7] Detroit Councilman Snaps, [8] Palestinian Cannibal Cult "Amkhat", [9] Satanic Cult Murders in Bonn, Germany: http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News12-10-03.htm

12-15-03 - ROUNDUP: [1] Drug Dealer Killed in Driveby, [2] L.A. Mormons’ Angel Statue Stolen, [3] Hudson River Bargeman Killed by Rabid Wolves, [4] Tomb of Jazz-Age Socialite Vandalized, [5] Gossip (Gabby, Loki, Helen, Raine, Beth, Cross, Ashley, Professor Aephaestus & Mystery Woman, Torque & Marine, [6] Terrorists Kill 500 in Japan:   http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News12-15-03.htm

12-19-03: Exclusive Interview with Kailian Abyssinian of The Hush: http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/kailian.htm

12-20-03: Mark Madden's Weekly Radio Show: Commentary on his November Interview with Robbie Jones: http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/listenlive.htm

12-31-03: ROUNDUP: [1] Local Pimp Beheaded, [2] Web Patron Sex Murder, [3] Gravesite Vandals, [4] Retraction, [5] Gossip (Gabby, Loki, and an unknown man), [6] Aki Oshii concert & Outing Meghan Ambrose, [7] More Gossip (Jaymes & an unknown woman; Helen, Cross & another unknown woman), [8] Lucchese Mob Shooting in New York, [9] Boston Area Firm Paying Dividends to Dead Men, [10] Feng Shui Expert Vanishes In L.A. After 20-Year Project, [11] Terrorists Attack Enron's Egyptian Oil Pipeline, [12] Temple Mount Violence Kills 31 In Israel:  http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News12-31-03.htm


11/1/03 - Interview/Profile of Francesca "Torque" Torquemada: http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/torqueinterview.htm

11/10/03 - ROUNDUP: [1] D'Aubigne Party Disaster, [2] Tea Shop Owner Missing, [3] Magic Shop Arson, [4] Eatery Victim Partially ID'd, [5] Loki Public Spectacle, [6] Richmond, VA Earthquake, [7] New Red Star Discovered, [8] Kansas Murder Victim ID'd, [9] Israeli Incursion in West Bank Kills 24: http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News11-10-03.htm

11/15/03 - Georgetown University Student Newspaper: IC Interview with Running Back Robbie Jones: http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/robbie.htm

11/24/03 - Talkback ESPN Radio Show from Pittsburgh (airs locally on WTOP AM-1200): Transcript of Interview with Robbie Jones: http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/madden.htm

11/30/03 - ROUNDUP: [1] Ex-DCPD Eric Devon Arrested, [2] Derelict, Possible Vet Murdered, [3] Dennis Drake Killed By Metro, [4] Chinese Grave Desecrations, [5] Unusual Shark Migration in Falklands, [6] Raine, Gabby, "Beth", Helen, Loki at "Bound", [7] Helen, Jamison, Louis & Ashley at Phantasm, [8] Crescent Birthmarks Common in LA, Doctors Say, [9]  Yale Bible Scholar Murdered, [10] Errata: http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News11-30-03.htm



CRIME NEWS ROUNDUP 10/1/03: [1] New Jersey Politician Attacks, [2] Web Purse Snatcher, [3] Stolen Gang Car ID'd, [4] Phantasm Brawl Closes Club, [5] Morgue Burglary, [6] 4th Unusual Southeast Arson Case: http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News10-01-03.htm



IC NEWS: Meghan Ambrose's Debut CD (Rolling Stone Magazine)



Thu  10/9/2003

NEWS ROUNDUP 10/15/03: [1] Publicity Stunt at Web Of Night, [2] Missing Homeless, [3] Capital Hill Fire, [4] Meghan Ambrose Nervous Breakdown: http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News10-15-03.htm

NEWS ROUNDUP 10/31/03: [1] Car Fire Kills Modeling Exec, [2] Bound Bouncers "Kill" Unruly Patron, [3] Homeless Woman Kidnapped, [4] Volcano in Sicily, [5] Angelique D'Aubigne's Party At The Orpheum, [6] 150-Year-Old Man Seen at London Soirée, [7] MacAlister's Scottish Pub Opens, [8] Winter Solstice (Musicians), [9] Helen Fairfield Donates Tiger to National Zoo, [10] Boston Girl Kidnapped From Church, [11] "3-Eyed Prophet" at SF Concert: http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News10-31-03.htm



Missing Crime Car Found (Villynz): http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News9-1-03.htm

The Disappearance of Jessica North:  http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News9-5-03.htm

ROUNDUP (Kitty's Column): [1] Marx Ingels, [2] Anya Star & William Bloody, [3] Robbie Jones, [4] Caeli Kane, Stacey Woods, Jack Wrigley, [5] Ashley Peterson & Loki, [6] Dominatrixes Missing: http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News9-15-03.htm 

3811 Gattlinburg, Tenn. news articles... (this incident is also on National News) (Reverend Timothy Turner & Wife Sheila in ATF Raid) captainzeek captainzeek Thu  9/18/2003


AUGUST 2003 - Articles Will be posted as HTML Files here from now on.
Stock Car Racing Profile - Francesca "Torque" Torquemada: http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News8-31-03.htm

Arson At Southeast Waterfront Docks: http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News8-30-03.htm

Arson At Orion Pharmaceuticals (Maryland): http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News8-29-03.htm

Murder in Caeli Kane's Apartment, Tristan Starless, Phantasm Incident, Decay Patterns: http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News8-28-03.htm

3786 [1] IC News (Backdated) Spring 2003 - Entertainment News IceFalcon headst11thhour 2:50 pm

Kitty Whittier's Column: [1] Elizah De Laurentiis, [2] Jessica North, [3] Anya Star & William Bloody, [4] Gabby Wildwood & Loki. Also, Music news - Marx Ingels's New Video, Shows Around Town. -- 3786 in HTML: http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News8-27-03.htm

(First article done as a web site rather than a Yahoo posting)


JULY 2003


IC news - Kitty's Kolumn (Society pages)

Helen & Jamison Fairfield, Ashley Peterson, Alex Marriott, Louis Delacourt, Aki Oshii



Mon  7/7/2003


IC - Ad for martial arts classes

Erin Wang's Kung Fu Academy

IceFalcon headst11thhour Mon  7/7/2003

IC News - Art Auction follow up

(Helen Fairfield: Doc Not Stored)

fraggle@housefoss.net magecat16 Wed  7/9/2003
JUNE 2003

IC news - Morgue Disturbance

Vietnamese Gang "Bui Doi" (Life Like Dust) vandalizes DC Morgue; burnt animal corpse stolen

IceFalcon headst11thhour Sat  6/21/2003
3750 IC/OOC: Fw: Entre Nous Cyber Night - BOUND Burlesque Night! - Hedo - (Ad for Activity) IceFalcon headst11thhour Thu  6/26/2003

IC News - Assault in DC

Senator Thomas Billingsley (MD) Murdered "Bobbitt Style" by unknown Female; Ties to Jessica North or other Political Murders?

IceFalcon headst11thhour Fri  6/27/2003

IC News - Art Auction Followup

Quin Wrath of Westcoast Auctions Hawking Nazi-Stolen Art from Pira's Estate

IceFalcon headst11thhour Fri  6/27/2003
MAY 2003

IC News - Police Beat (Politics)

Senator Reginald Haige [R] of New Jersey Murdered in Chevy Chase Home; Possibly Shot By Pre-Teen Boy Impersonating Rival's Dead Son

IceFalcon headst11thhour Fri  5/2/2003

IC News - Police Beat - Another New Jersey Politician Dead

Senatorial Candidate Cardan [D] Dies in Suspicious Car Accident; Passenger Missing

IceFalcon headst11thhour Tue  5/6/2003
3731 IC News - Police Beat - Fire in Anacostia
Two Found Dead in Suspicious Fire in Anacostia: One Possibly Not Human
IceFalcon headst11thhour Tue  5/6/2003



Disenracnhised Warrior deadraven_1999 Thu  5/8/2003

IC News - Anacostia Boys' Club Coach Survives Drive-by Shooting

Beloved Teen Coach Jason Turnbull Shot by "Gang" Leader Darnell Stewart; Community Outraged

IceFalcon headst11thhour Wed  5/14/2003

IC news - Six Dead in Suspicious Northwest Corner Bar Fire

"Charlie’s" Bar at 14th & U Streets N.W. Torched; Turnbull Assailant Suspected


headst11thhour Wed  5/14/2003

IC News - First Anacostia Arson Victim ID'd

Farrell Februus, NJ Transient Living in DC, and Unidentified Animal Carcass

IceFalcon headst11thhour Wed  5/14/2003

IC News - Art Auction Scandal & Gossip News

Westcoast Auctions Accused of Art Fraud; Kitty's Kolumn: Tom Campbell & Adam, Reginald Haige, Randolph Carden, Mistress Keesha & The Villynz, Louis Delacourt & Women, Loki Gabby & Marx, Lorelei Del`Armigo & Christo Viracocha, Art Auction Gossip.

IceFalcon headst11thhour Wed  5/14/2003

A Lecture for G-Town students of Anc.Hist./Archeo/Anthro/etc.

Professor Archibald Kross of London giving lecture on Ancient Sumerian Religion / Zoroastics at Georgetown U.

captainzeek captainzeek Thu  5/15/2003
APRIL 2003
3714 Enter stage left magecat16 magecat16 Thu  4/3/2003
3717 Savate magecat16 magecat16 Tue  4/8/2003
3724 IC Upcoming Art Auction/Estate Sale Head Storyteller headst11thhour Tue  4/15/2003
3725 IC info - Street racing in Maryland Head Storyteller headst11thhour Thu  4/17/2003
3726 Re: IC Upcoming Art Auction/Estate Sale rfoss@housefoss.net wanderingmyrthe Thu  4/17/2003
3727 IC Classified Ad Heather M. Garner h20baby78 Sat  4/19/2003
3728 IC Event - Keesha Retires from "Bound" Fetish Club IceFalcon headst11thhour Mon  4/21/2003
MARCH 2003
3692 IC Event: Loki In Concert MaGnUs lordmagnusen Mon  3/10/2003
3693 IC news roundup IceFalcon headst11thhour Wed  3/12/2003
3700 Candle light and soft music. Reese wanderingmyrthe Tue  3/18/2003
3703 Louis and Aki [IC music review by Caeli] Chris Kane caelivera Thu  3/20/2003
3704 DJ Random Access Chris Kane caelivera Thu  3/20/2003
3707 IC note - Capital Hill Head Storyteller headst11thhour Tue  3/25/2003
3708 IC News - Capital Hill Collapse IceFalcon headst11thhour Tue  3/25/2003
3709 IC NEWS: Busy week for Loki MaGnUs lordmagnusen Tue  3/25/2003
3711 IC News - The Phantasm IceFalcon headst11thhour Fri  3/28/2003
3651 Washington Post article-Interview with Aaron Wainwright Nysie shdwdsong Sat  2/1/2003
3652 IC News - Entertainment, The Web. Gabby Wildwood IceFalcon headst11thhour Sat  2/1/2003
3653 Man dis"Membered" by Teen-- Loraine Bobbitt Jr. Strikes D.C. Area Nysie shdwdsong Sun  2/2/2003
3658 The Grand Opening of Capital Hill Head Storyteller icefalcon@intelligencia headst11thhour Sun  2/9/2003
3659 IC News - Police Beat IceFalcon headst11thhour Tue  2/11/2003
3660 IC News: At Your Service, Russian Baths to open IceFalcon headst11thhour Tue  2/11/2003
3662 Entertainment News -- part 1 of 2 Nysie shdwdsong Tue  2/11/2003
3663 Metro/Entertainment news- part 2 of 2 Nysie shdwdsong Wed  2/12/2003
3675 Aaron's Music the goatunit goatunit Sat  2/15/2003
3676 OOC Fashion News (relates to Demon: The Fallen) IceFalcon headst11thhour Sun  2/16/2003
3679 News Paper Article Disenracnhised Warrior deadraven_1999@ya deadraven_1999 Sun  2/16/2003
3680 IC Police News Report IceFalcon headst11thhour Sun  2/16/2003
3681 IC Weather vis-a-vis RP Head Storyteller icefalcon@intelligencia headst11thhour Mon  2/17/2003
3682 Snow Conditions IC in DC Head Storyteller icefalcon@intelligencia headst11thhour Wed  2/19/2003
3686 IC News.... Chris Aragon demonnite57 Wed  2/26/2003
3687 IC Police News IceFalcon headst11thhour Thu  2/27/2003
3689 IC Police news - Arlington Condo Fire News Update IceFalcon headst11thhour Fri  2/28/2003
3613 IC Newspaper Ad (Attn Musicians, poets, artisans of any sort) IceFalcon headst11thhour Thu  1/2/2003
3614 Another NewsPaper Ad  (Graphic Not Stored) Nysie shdwdsong Thu  1/2/2003
3615 and yet another newspaper ad   (Luxie's Bookstore (Graphic Not Stored)) Nysie shdwdsong Thu  1/2/2003
3616 Yet another ad   (Graphic for "The Magic Box" not stored) Eriond T`Sarran barid_cavan Fri  1/3/2003
3617 PBEM Vacations and whatnot  (For Joseph Fletcher, Jacob Crowell, Thomas Anfinsin & Gakujirou Kamehiko) Chris Aragon demonnite57 Sat  1/4/2003
3625 IC Publication  (Gabby in Maxim Magazine (graphic not stored)) H20Baby78@aol.com h20baby1978 Sat  1/11/2003
3633 News Article--- Drug Czar and Bondage Queen Seen Leaving Web of Night  (Lorelei Del`Armigo & Christo Viracocha) Nysie shdwdsong Fri  1/24/2003
3635 IC News Story   (A wild animal attack at a veterinary clinic in Fairfax County) Horned Owl dalengwyr Fri  1/24/2003
3636 Fw: BOUND, Entre Nous, and BURN Party Info! AND Lots of other info!  (OOC/IC Bondage Club News) IceFalcon headst11thhour Sun  1/26/2003
3637 Maxim Magazine  (Followup for Gabby Wildwood) H20Baby78@aol.com h20baby1978 Sun  1/26/2003
3644 Fw: Local DC News  (Anya Star Causes a Tissy in D.C. Fetish Club, Bound)  Nysie shdwdsong Mon  1/27/2003
3645 IC News Roundup 1-27-03  ([1] Sighisoara, Transylvania, Dracula's home town spared theme park, [2] Gabby Wildwood does New Years at Playboy Mansion, [3] Wild Animal Attack at Fairfax County Vet Clinic, [4] Bushes Attend Alfalfa Club Dinner, [5] Gossip Column (including Bound), [6] Washington Fashion Divas, [7] Police Blotter (Tom Campbell, Mayka Oshii, Anya Star), [8] Music Review (Louis Delacourt), [9] NZ Ambassador Lomu to retire, [10] Hacker news.) IceFalcon headst11thhour Mon  1/27/2003
3646 William the Bloody performs in London (Music Review) Nysie shdwdsong Tue  1/28/2003
3647 New of the Weird (OOC News roundup of "weird" stories) Nysie shdwdsong Tue  1/28/2003
3577 Washington Post-Entertainment News (Review of Louis Delacourt's premiere at the Phantasm) ShadowSong shdwdsong Fri  12/6/2002
3581 IC News: Anya Star arrested then committed! (Rocker Anya Star committed to Saint Elizabeth's Psychiatric Hospital in Washington ) IceFalcon headst11thhour Sun  12/8/2002
3592 PBEM- "Awakening" Chiana's Tale (Chiana Rayne's story) ShadowSong shdwdsong Thu  12/12/2002
3593 Anya in St. Elizabeth's.... (PBEM Anya Star in mental institution) ShadowSong shdwdsong Thu  12/12/2002
3594 PBEM - The Rebirth of Capital Hill (IC) (Reworked IC Log of RP of the Reopening of Capital Hill after its takeover by the Crats) IceFalcon headst11thhour Sun  12/15/2002
3595 PBEM #2 (final) The Rebirth of Capital Hill (Painting party) (Reworked IC Log of RP of the Reopening of Capital Hill after its takeover by the Crats) IceFalcon headst11thhour Wed  12/18/2002
3598 PBEM-Anya...Girl, Interrupted..... (PBEM of Anya's nervous breakdown & recovery) ShadowSong shdwdsong Sat  12/21/2002
3601 PBEM and Invitation (Anne DeSatte Drouven Xmas PBEM) Diane Marie llynehr Mon  12/23/2002
3602 PBEM - Jokes (Raine Drouven (Jokes) Xmas PBEM) Jokiewan Kanobe Jokes_sekoJ Tue  12/24/2002
3603 PBEM- Twas the Night before Nutcase (Anya Star Xmas PBEM) ShadowSong shdwdsong Tue  12/24/2002
3604 PBEM Chrismas Insanity (Thomas Anfinsin Xmas PBEM) Chris Aragon demonnite57 Tue  12/24/2002
3548 Sabrina ("PBEM" of Sabrina leaving town) Shimmering Moonlight shimmering_moonlight2 Fri  11/1/2002
3549 Kitty Whittier Article (Loki & Gabby's Broken Engagement) erisvenice erisvenice Sat  11/2/2002
3550 Hoyas Lose close game...and there tempers (Georgetown Football News) Disenracnhised Warrior deadraven_1999 Sun  11/3/2002
3553 IC NEWS (LOCAL TUCSON & CNN) ([1] Fox Theater Massacre, [2] DC to Tuscon Plane Crash) Diane Marie llynehr Mon  11/4/2002
3556 for those who keep up on the Entertainment industry, or Court cases (OOC: Winona Ryder guilty of shoplifting charges) ShadowSong shdwdsong Wed  11/6/2002
3558 News News News ([1] N.Y.P.D. Cop Theron Edge Killed by Fellow Officers Outside Web of Night North; [2] Entertainment Reporter Chiana Rayne Moves to Post's Metro Staff) ShadowSong shdwdsong Sun  11/10/2002
3559 IC News: Web Of Night Inner Harbor (Baltimore) To Open (Press release)  IceFalcon headst11thhour Mon  11/11/2002
3560 IC: Red Falcon's Lectures (18th Century Pirate History) MaGnUs lordmagnusen Mon  11/11/2002
3564 IC NEWS REPORT (Georgetown: Hoyas suspend 3 Football Players for brawling) Disenracnhised Warrior deadraven_1999 Sun  11/17/2002
3565 IC news item (Rash of vigilante style murders (mugger, pimp, drug dealer and gang banger in one night); possible white male suspect) Also Sprach Zarathustra the_delroh Sun  11/17/2002
3566 NEWS FLASH (Two Georgetown Hoyas Football Players knifed) Disenracnhised Warrior deadraven_1999 Sun  11/17/2002
3567 News Update (Georgetown Stabbings Update) Disenracnhised Warrior deadraven_1999 Tue  11/19/2002
3568 G`Town Newspaper Editoral (On two student stabbings on campus) Disenracnhised Warrior deadraven_1999 Tue  11/19/2002
3569 Personals (Seen in the Washington Post Classifieds) (Matchmaker ad for Thomas Anfinsin (not places by him)) Diane Marie llynehr Wed  11/20/2002
5 (GEORGETOWN LIST ONLY!) Georgetown Student Newspaper (IC: Included editorial relevant to RP)   (Raisa Romanov's Editorial on The White Knights racial clique) IceFalcon headst11thhour Thu  11/21/2002
3573 IC News reports (8 dead including several homeless in Anacostia Arson warehouse fire) Also Sprach Zarathustra the_delroh Tue  11/26/2002
3495 E! Entertainment News-Red Dragon Premiere (OOC/IC Movie news) ShadowSong shdwdsong Fri  10/4/2002
3496 CNN news (OOC/IC Sniper News: Five shot dead in Washington suburb (Montgomery Co., MD)) ShadowSong shdwdsong Fri  10/4/2002
3497 CNN News-Shots at UN Narrowly miss Employees (OOC/IC: North Korean Poitics; Suspect had firearms permit) ShadowSong shdwdsong Fri  10/4/2002
3500 IC News-National Tattler-October 2002 (The Many Men of Anya Star (pics not stored)) ShadowSong shdwdsong Sat  10/5/2002
3501 Fw: IC News- D.C. Post (OOC/IC Sniper News: Fredericksburg, Virginia shooting linked to sniper) 11th Hour News Team shdwdsong Sun  10/6/2002
3502 IC News-Fight Outside of Web of Night (Anya Star in Brawl with Boyfriend outside the Web of Night (pics not stored)) 11th Hour News Team shdwdsong Sun  10/6/2002
3505 IC NEWS (Georgetown Football: Hoyas hold on to win A Nail Biter) Disenracnhised Warrior deadraven_1999 Tue  10/8/2002
3506 DC shootings-13 yr old shot, linked to Sniper attacks (OOC/IC Sniper news: Security tight at D.C.-area schools; Shooting of P. G. County 13-year-old linked to sniper killings) ShadowSong shdwdsong Tue  10/8/2002
3509 IC News (OOC/IC news roundup: [1] Taunting Note Left at Scene (Sniper news), [2] A Different Kind of Killer; Gunman Doesn't Conform to Usual Patterns, Experts Say, [3] Analysts Discount Attack By Iraq; Counterattack Is Called Possible, [4] Anya Star seen outside Local Church) ShadowSong shdwdsong Wed  10/9/2002
3512 Another Shooting in Virginia-News Report (OOC/IC Sniper news: Manassas Gas station shooting probed; Possible sniper evidence being analyzed) ShadowSong shdwdsong Wed  10/9/2002
3514 IC hijinks (Dawn pulling pranks at Wolfhaven) Sara A. blutbarn Fri  10/11/2002
3517 Breaking News-More on Virginia Killings (OOC/IC Sniper news: Man shot and killed at Virginia gas station; Friday morning 'emergency situation' on I-95) ShadowSong shdwdsong Fri  10/11/2002
3518 IC-DC News (OOC/IC Sniper News: The death of a man shot while pumping gas in Fredericksburg, Virginia, on Friday "certainly looks similar" to the series of sniper attacks in suburban Washington, police said.) ShadowSong shdwdsong Sat  10/12/2002
3519 IC-DC News (OOC/IC Sniper News: Eighth fatality linked to D.C. sniper) ShadowSong shdwdsong Sat  10/12/2002
3520 OOC/IC Archaeology News about London (for chars who follow such) (OOC: Scientists Find Earliest Roman London Plaque (Londinium) (graphic not stored)) IceFalcon headst11thhour Sun  10/13/2002
3521 OOC/IC news - random twisted story (Artist) (Embalmed tramp found in artist's London studio) IceFalcon headst11thhour Sun  10/13/2002
3522 OOC/IC News - Paris Hospital (OOC/IC News (possible Masq risk?): Mystery of Decomposed Body Baffles Hospital) IceFalcon headst11thhour Sun  10/13/2002
3523 IC News- More on the Area Sniper shootings (OOC/IC Sniper news: Woman shot, killed in D.C. surburb) ShadowSong shdwdsong Mon  10/14/2002
3524 IC DC News-9th shooting linked to Sniper (OOC/IC Sniper News: Ninth killing linked to sniper) ShadowSong shdwdsong Tue  10/15/2002
3525 DC News (OOC/IC Sniper News: Police take two men into custody in Virginia) ShadowSong shdwdsong Mon  10/21/2002
3527 IC News (Local crime, Georgetown, VA) (Former Winchester, VA Homecoming Queen Renee Chaney Reported Missing (graphic not stored)) IceFalcon headst11thhour Tue  10/22/2002
3528 Around Town-Flyers-Papers- "The Grandy Re Opening of The Phantasm" (Ad, graphic not stored) ShadowSong shdwdsong Wed  10/23/2002
3529 IC NEWS (Georgetown Grad Student Calhoun Sinclair Arrested) ShadowSong shdwdsong Wed  10/23/2002
3530 Forever Young Inc (Forever Young Ad (Graphic Not Stored)) Shimmering Moonlight shimmering_moonlight2 Thu  10/24/2002
3531 IC Fashion News (Magazine Ad) (Forever Young (Graphic Not Stored)) IceFalcon headst11thhour Thu  10/24/2002
3532 Richard Harris Dead at 72 (OOC Obit (Plot Device)) ShadowSong shdwdsong Sat  10/26/2002
3533 D.C. News (OOC: Sniper Suspects Face Death Penalty) ShadowSong shdwdsong Sat  10/26/2002
3534 Political News (OOC: (Plot Device) Senator, family members killed in Minnesota plane crash) ShadowSong shdwdsong Sat  10/26/2002
3538 IC Sporting News (Georgetown Football/Robbie Jones) Disenracnhised Warrior deadraven_1999 Sun  10/27/2002
3541 US Diplomat Gunned Down in Jordan (OOC/IC posted by Chiana Rayne) ShadowSong shdwdsong Mon  10/28/2002
3546 IC News for characters that pay attention to other state news (Tuscon, AZ Roundup: 1. Face Skin of Missing Woman Send to Police, 2. U of A Frat Party at Fox Theater)  Diane Marie llynehr Thu  10/31/2002
3547 addendum to IC News earlier posted (re Msg #3546) Diane Marie llynehr Thu  10/31/2002
3438 IC news (esp of interest to Feds, Hunters, Police, etc) (Capitol Police Shootout With Taxi Passenger "Princess Stephanie") IceFalcon headst11thhour Wed  9/4/2002
3439 OOC news article of interest- Splayed Corpses (OOC: Splayed Corpse Show Prompts Rush of Body Donors (London)) IceFalcon headst11thhour Wed  9/4/2002
3444 IC NEWS: Loki Mini-concert (At Web of Night) MaGnUs lordmagnusen Fri  9/6/2002
3446 Washington Post Article (Kitty's Column: Kennedy Center Outing) erisvenice erisvenice Sat  9/7/2002
3452 Washington Times Article (Tyrone D's Gossip Column: 1. Politics, 2. Gabby & Karissa, 3. Chiana Rayne) LJ Shortt erisvenice Thu  9/12/2002
3453 IC News Article (Gabby & Karissa PDA in The Web) H20Baby78@aol.com h20baby1978 Sun  9/15/2002
3467 IC news - Kitty Whittier's column (Gabby Wildwood & Karissa Banchi in The Web) IceFalcon headst11thhour Thu  9/19/2002
3476 Newspaper Stories (Roundup: 1. Child Molester Captured, 2. Georgetown Football News) Disenfranchised Warrior deadraven_1999 Mon  9/23/2002
3477 In the News (Chiana Rayne's Gossip News: Loki & Gabby Wildwood to Marry) ShadowSong shdwdsong Wed  9/25/2002
3486 IC News-Rolling Stones Magazine Article (Interview With Anya Star) ShadowSong shdwdsong Fri  9/27/2002
3487 Independent Local newspaper (IC: Fritz & Karissa In Web) ShadowSong shdwdsong Fri  9/27/2002
3488 IC News (OOC News (Plot Device): IMF Protesters) ShadowSong shdwdsong Fri  9/27/2002
3489 IC News (OOC Plot Devices Roundup: 1. BALTIMORE: 'Trying to vaccinate against fear', 2. Sex Attack On Bronx Boy, 3. College Students GunRunning, 4. West Nile Virus in VA, 5. Protesters At Georgetown "The Gap") IceFalcon headst11thhour Mon  9/30/2002
3490 IC NEWS Sports Section (Georgetown Football) Disenracnhised Warrior deadraven_1999 Mon  9/30/2002


3404 IC News - Baltimore Arson this weekend (IC/OOC: Department Store 'Serial Arsonist' May Have Struck Again (Plot Device)) IceFalcon   Tue  8/6/2002
3417 IC NEWS: Loki Interview (IC: Rolling Stone Interviews Loki) MaGnUs   Mon  8/19/2002
3431 IC News this week (please read) (Roundup: 1. Brazilian Embassy Staffer May Have Been Murdered (Helena Reis), 2. Gang Violence and Activity On Increase In Baltimore, 3. DC Suspends 24 Over Racist Police E-Mail, 4. Web Of Night Once Again Under Police Scrutiny, 5. Capital Hill Hides Terrorist Bioweapons Lab, 6. Psychic Friend Cracks First Case, 6. False DCPD Abduction Report, 7. At Your Service Conciergerie Opens, 8. Marriott & Whittier, 9. Post Hacker's Body Found, 10. 7-11 Massacre, 11. Baltimore ImEx Fends Off Poachers, 12. Jessica Davonshire Missing IceFalcon headst11thhour Tue  8/27/2002
3433 Washington Post Article (Kitty Whittier on Alex Marriott & Anna Giovanni) LJ Shortt erisvenice Fri  8/30/2002
JULY 2002
3385 Minor IC News - Psychic Friends Network (IC/OOC: Psychic Friends Network Owner Bankrupt)  IceFalcon   Thu  7/4/2002
3386 This week's IC news (DC/NY Cross Posting) (Roundup: 1. Cattle Mutilations, 2. Psychic Helps DCPD, 3. Romanian Vampire Theme Park, 4. Web Security Tightened Again, 5. Oshii Stalkers Still At Large In DC IceFalcon   Sat  7/6/2002
3389 IC news about Web of Night (Web Temporarily Closed Til Friday) IceFalcon   Wed  7/10/2002
3390 IC/OOC Virus info - Life Imitates Art (jon's plot) (OOC: Scientists Build Virus from Scratch) IceFalcon   Thu  7/11/2002
3392 IC & OOC news for all players (IC Notes about CapHill RP, and ST Notes OOC) headst11thhour   Fri  7/12/2002
3393 IC News - Police Beat, Baltimore. (Routine Patrol Becomes Breakthrough In Embassy Theft Case) IceFalcon   Sat  7/13/2002
3397 Possible storyline information (especially for the Mites) (OOC: Silent Blow Dart Attacks Mystify) The Owl Fledgling   Thu  7/18/2002
3399 IC news roundup (Roundup: 1. Stolen Embassy Drum Recovered In Baltimore, 2. Web Of Night News, 3. Terrorists Still At Large, 4. Priest Pedophilia, 5. Amy Ellison To Aid DCPD, 6. Capital Hill Opening On Hold, 7. Marriott Still In Hiding, 8. Washington Post Hacker Manes Suspected Deceased, 9. Spy Musuem Opens. IceFalcon   Sat  7/20/2002
JUNE 2002
3334 IC news this weekend (new items, everyone please skim for plot hooks (Roundup: 1. UN/Pakistan War fears, 2. Cigar & Brandy Club To Open, 3. Marriott/Hunter JV Underway, 4. Ban on Capitol Demonstrations, 5. Art Thief Still At Large, 6. Belfast Clashes, 7. Marriott Quickie Divorce, 8. Bob Hope Turns 99, 9. Battle Over Web of Night Ownership, 10. Kennedy Center Shows, 11. Tom Campbell Personal Problems, 12. Prince Performing IceFalcon   Sat  6/1/2002
3335 Re: IC news this weekend - Anna Giovanni (Anna Plots to Target Marriott) Sarah Anne Scott   Sat  6/1/2002
3336 IC/OOC News. (Helena Reis (Brazilian Embassy) Missing, Foul Play Presumed) Also Sprach Zarathustra   Mon  6/3/2002
3337 IC news (esp of note to all Kindred players) - Terrorists At Large (Terrorists Dai Haun Parks & Adira Osias Missing From Federal Custody) IceFalcon   Tue  6/4/2002
3339 IC news- Airline mishap (American Airlines Chicago Luggage Debacle) landulf96   Fri  6/7/2002
3340 IC News (Roundup: 1. Capital Hill Opening, 2. Marriott/Hunter 11th Hour Restoration, 3. Brazilian Embassy Staff Member Missing, 4. Marriott & O'Riordan Divorce Finalized, 5. Web Of Night Gets New Owners, 6. Senator Tom Campbell Marital Woes, 7. Airline Lawsuits IceFalcon   Fri  6/7/2002
3341 IC News (James Boyd, Missing Person) landulf96   Sat  6/8/2002
3350 IC News (Jamie Swan, 2nd Missing Person This Week) landulf96   Mon  6/10/2002
3352 Anya Star (IC news: Media, Hunters, Supernaturals (MTV Movie Awards, Anya Star Gossip, Jack Black) IceFalcon   Tue  6/11/2002
3354 IC news (esp of note to all Kindred players) (Arabic Man Assaulted Outside Web of Night) assistant_st   Wed  6/12/2002
3355 IC News (Lester James, 3rd Missing Person This Week) landulf96   Wed  6/12/2002
3361 IC News (new material) All players please read for Plot Leads (Roundup: 1. Bill Blass Dies (Fashion), 2. Capital Hill Soon To Open, 3. 11th Hour Lounge Site Rebuilt, 4. Chris Rock Movie Casting, 5. Uruguayan Embassy Staff Incident, 6. Alexandria PreTeen Raped, 7. Gunman Stalks Marriott, 8. Mayor Williams on DC, 9. Corpse Prank, 10. Web of Night Reopens, 11. *.jpg Virus, 12. David Bowie in NYC IceFalcon   Thu  6/13/2002
3364 IC Hacker News (All Cyber types and Media Types take note) (Hacker Infiltrates Washington Post; Alters Article on Terrorist Daihaun Parks) IceFalcon   Thu  6/13/2002
3367 IC incident - Police, local media, possible hunters/Crats (Routine Police Stop in SE Involves Supernatural?) headst11thhour   Tue  6/18/2002
3374 Fw: -NYCByNight-Main List- IC NEWS (1. Theron Edge, NYPD, On Leave For Bombings & Assault, 2. Singer Anya Star Accidentally Shot)  ArcaneKnightStar   Sun  6/23/2002
3375 IC news this weekend (new material) (Roundup: 1. Arizona Fires, 2. Washington Post Strike, 3.  IceFalcon   Sun  6/23/2002
3376 IC Entertainment (Music) news - The Web / Anya Star (Star To Open Web Of Night North in NYC) IceFalcon   Tue  6/25/2002
3381 Washington Post Article (Serial Rapist/Murderer On The Loose) erisvenice   Sat  6/29/2002
3382 CrossPost - IC Police news for NY & DC (note Garou, Hunters & Japanese PC's) (1. DJ GeMiN][ Attacked Outside Web Of Night, 2. Mayka Oshii Assaulted, 3. NYPD Officer Theron Edge Suspended For Assault) IceFalcon   Sun  6/30/2002
MAY 2002
3293 IC NEWS: Archeological Artifact Stolen From The Uruguyan Embassy Art Show (Self Explanatory) MaGnUs   Wed  5/1/2002
3294 Various IC News Briefs this week (Roundup: 1. Priest Pedophelia, 2. Fire At Web Of Night, 3. Steve Dworman Divorce, 4. Polly Esther's To Be Renovated, 5. 11th Hour To Be Renovated, 6. LA HS Administrator Sexual Harassment, 7. Uruguyan Embassy Art Theft, 8. Guevara's Apt For Sale In Argentina, 9. Web Of Night Concerts, 10. Chandra Levy, 11. Great Falls Park Drought. IceFalcon   Thu  5/2/2002
3300 IC News from Sunday Evening (Police Incident in Southeast (Supernatural)) IceFalcon   Tue  5/7/2002
3310 Washington Post Article (Kitty Whittier on Sarysse's Public Infidelity) LJ Shortt   Mon  5/13/2002
3311 E! Exclusive Interview (Sarysse Rebuts Kitty) Jennifer Smith   Tue  5/14/2002
3324 Local IC News Police Report (please read) (Roundup: 1. Pakistani Anti-Terror Pledge, 2. Dai Haun Parks & Adira Osias Arrested, Mercedes Lomu Released, 3. Rock Creek Park, 4. Web Of Night Owner Nicholas Succorso Missing, 5. Priest Molestations IceFalcon   Sat  5/25/2002
3328 O'Riordan/Marriott - Lo, how the mighty have fallen (Kitty Whittier's Column - Alex Files For Divorce After Sarysse's Public Affairs) IceFalcon   Sun  5/26/2002
3331 More IC News (not a repeat of last night) (Roundup: 1. 30 Injured at Eminem Concert, 2. Polly Esther's To Be Renovated, 11th Hour To Be Renovated, 3. Hugh Grant/Sandra Bullock, 4. Stolen Art Followup, 5. Schiffer Marriage, 6. Various Larrys Concert, 7. Urinetown (Musical) IceFalcon   Sun  5/26/2002
3332 For chars with interests in: Mortal Politics, or California or DC Night Life (Ex Congressman Tom Campbell Promoted) IceFalcon   Sun  5/26/2002
APRIL 2002
3273 Newspaper Report (British Embassy Employee Involved In Hit & Run) LJ Shortt   Tue  4/16/2002
3274 Newspaper Article (IC Missing Child Found Dead) LJ Shortt   Wed  4/17/2002
3275 Incan Mummies (of interest to South American & Archaeology/Science Chars (OOC Info (Plot Device)) IceFalcon   Wed  4/17/2002
3282 Newspaper Article (Little Girl Missing) LJ Shortt   Mon  4/22/2002
3284 Kidnap Victim Found Dead (IC: Child) LJ Shortt   Wed  4/24/2002
3285 IC Event: Art Show (South American Embassies Art Show) MaGnUs   Wed  4/24/2002
3286 Priest Murdered (IC Pedophilic Priest Murderer Killed - Brief) LJ Shortt   Wed  4/24/2002
3289 Church Scandal (IC Pedophilic Priest Murderer Killed - Detailed) erisvenice   Fri  4/26/2002
MARCH 2002
3223 Fashion Show news (both OOC (Goth) and IC (Black (OOC Fashion News (Plot Device)) IceFalcon   Sat  3/2/2002
3224 More Fashion News IC/OOC - Gypsies? (OOC Fashion News (Plot Device)) IceFalcon   Sat  3/2/2002
3225 Fairy Tales in Fashion (IC/OOC) (OOC Fashion News (Plot Device)) IceFalcon   Sat  3/2/2002
3226 IC News Report (Chiana Rayne - History of the 11th Hour Lounge) '©º°¨Nysie¨°º©   Sat  3/2/2002
3227 More IC News (Anya Star Paying 9/11 Tribute) '©º°¨Nysie¨°º©   Sun  3/3/2002
3235 NEW CLUB OPENING IC WED NITE! (Web of Night) headst11thhour   Wed  3/6/2002
3237 IC News (Entertainment Section) (Chiana Rayne's Review of Web Of Night Opening) Nys   Thu  3/7/2002
3258 Police at the 11th Hour IC (Protecting Lounge Crime Scene) headst11thhour   Sat  3/23/2002
3186 Burnt Body Found (Mutilated, Burned Body In Dumpster) firefyre   Sat  2/2/2002
3215 IC News article (cross posted) (Massacre At The Franciscan Monastery In DC) IceFalcon   Mon  2/18/2002
3220 Urgent IC News re 11th Hour Lounge (Bomb Completely Levels 11th Hour Lounge) headst11thhour   Thu  2/28/2002
3171 News-Shooting outside of 11th Hour Lounge (Karl Lamone Taken Down By Police) firefyre   Sat  1/26/2002


3114 Strange things afoot at the Circle K (Odd Weather Isolated At Local Church) pumpkin_h@hotmail.com   Sat  12/1/2001
3123 Oh No!! Not again (Car Bomb At Lounge) Rev. Yn Hullad Noanagh   Sat  12/8/2001
3145 Washington Post Article (Chiana Rayne Attacked, Daughter of Hungarian Ambassador) LJ Shortt   Thu  12/20/2001
3156 Washington Post Article (Michael Thornton Murdered (Son Is GTown Student)) LJ Shortt   Fri  12/28/2001
3083 I hear with my lil' ear (Maratel's Harpy Report: 1. Sasha, 2. Nikki, 3. Jay, 4. Misc others.) Maratel   Fri  11/2/2001
3086 Washington Post Article (New Zealander Sasha Heke Kidnapped by Fake Cops At DC Airport) LJ Shortt   Wed  11/7/2001
3087 IC News Reports (1. Carjackings, 2. Georgetown Student Dies of PCP OD) lordelric@earthlink.net   Wed  11/7/2001
3088 I heard it heard it through the bloodline... (Maratel's Harpy Report - Eris, Nikki, Danny) Maratel   Thu  11/8/2001
3089 Outside the Lounge (DCPD Casing The Lounge) LJ Shortt   Thu  11/8/2001
3093 Da Rumors... (Maratel's Harpy Report - The Famous Patio Orgy) Maratel   Fri  11/9/2001
3100 Washinton Post Article (NZ Embassy Travel Incident) LJ Shortt   Mon  11/12/2001
3107 Local News report (Incident With Guinea Hens (Plot Device)) Rev. Yn Hullad Noanagh   Wed  11/14/2001
3112 Damage to the Lounge (Closed For Repairs) C.T. MacArthur   Thu  11/29/2001
3113 Damage to the Lounge (Repaired) C.T. MacArthur   Fri  11/30/2001
3054 Fwd: A washingtonpost.com article - DC Street Closures (OOC Info for IC Use) Casey B   Mon  10/8/2001
3059 More DC Road Closures (IC & OOC both) (U.S. Capitol Security) Casey B   Thu  10/11/2001
3060 Fwd: Yahoo! News Story - Jagger, Jackson, Aerosmith Set For Charity Concert (OOC 9/11 Benefit (Plot Device)) Casey B   Thu  10/11/2001
3062 Au revoir California? (New Maratel Video) Maratel   Sat  10/13/2001
3063 Loki: Shedding Layers Of Light (PLEASE READ) (Debut Album & Concert) MaGnUs   Tue  10/16/2001
3069 News from last night (Altercation At Lounge Involving Maratel & Japanese Elm Tree) Head Storyteller   Mon  10/22/2001
3070 Story that would make all the headlines in DC (Arabic Assailants Kidnap & Kill Blonde On Embassy Row) pumpkin_h@hotmail.com   Tue  10/23/2001
3075 Just a passing IC note of minor interest (military chars) (Catalano Returns From Ft Benning, Colonel George Bassett) Head Storyteller   Wed  10/24/2001
2931 Washington Post Style Section - IC News (Abuse Memorial Endowment Charity Fund Started) Head Storyteller   Sun  9/2/2001
2932 Washington Post Metro Section - more IC News (Motorcyclist Murdered, 2nd Bike Destroyed At Scene (Monuments)) Head Storyteller   Sun  9/2/2001
2933 Washington Post Metro Section - Addendum (Waterfront Warehouse Burned, Wild Animals Flee Site) Head Storyteller   Sun  9/2/2001
2947 Job Ad (Oratio (Eris Manchester) Hiring Translators) LJ Shortt   Tue  9/4/2001
2952 Reports from last night (Johnny Umunga In Racially Motivated Altercation) lordelric@earthlink.net   Wed  9/5/2001
2958 News snippet (Maratel In Counseling) Maratel   Thu  9/6/2001
2962 Fwd: Mass Sighting of Meteor Over Northeastern U.S. (OOC Event (Plot Device)) Casey B   Thu  9/6/2001
2984 IC news report (IC Motorcycle Accident on Pennsylvania Avenue S.E.) Head Storyteller   Tue  9/11/2001
2987 IC News Report, Washington Post Arts and Style Section (Sarysse Farewell Album) Jennifer Smith   Tue  9/11/2001
2999 Hungry Ghosts (background of interest to KOTE players (OOC Info) Head Storyteller   Wed  9/12/2001
3004 Special announcement (IC) (Sarysse & Maratel 9/11 Benefit Concert) Maratel   Fri  9/14/2001
3009 IC news brief (Altercation with Danny & Ice) Head Storyteller   Wed  9/19/2001
3020 Fwd: Yahoo! UK & Ireland - Story - Sea level study Reveals Atlantis Candidate (OOC Background for Atlantis Plot) Casey B   Mon  9/24/2001
3030 Shooting's Last night (Karl Lamone, Sen. McCain's Bodyguard) Doug Fraser   Thu  9/27/2001
3040 IC NEWSPAPER REPORTS (Danny Lomu's Daughters) Disenracnhised Warrior   Fri  9/28/2001
2895 IC News - Drugs, Gangs, Murder in DC (OOC Murder, Inc. DC Gang) IceFalcon   Fri  8/3/2001
2896 Atlantis update (OOC Background for Atlantis Plot) IceFalcon   Sun  8/5/2001
2897 More Atlantis links (OOC Background for Atlantis Plot) IceFalcon   Sun  8/5/2001
2899 IC news of interest to Kindred (OOC CIA Electrical Fire (Plot Device)) Casey B   Wed  8/8/2001
2901 IC notice (Security Warning on Xain) lordelric@earthlink.net   Fri  8/10/2001
2903 Gossip Mill IC (TV Personality & Cyberpunk Gossip) Head Storyteller   Sat  8/11/2001
2904 Saturday's news update (1. Roxane, 2. Pkgs to Max & Exodus, 3. NYC Sabbat Defector, 4. Xain & Lounge Security, 5. Car Bomb, 6. INS Investigation (IC) Head Storyteller   Sun  8/12/2001
2905 Tuesday News Report (Lounge Bombing & Neighborhood Power Outage) Rev. Yn Hullad Noanagh   Wed  8/15/2001
2910 Today's Gossip Mill Around the Lounge (1. Embassy Bombings, 2. Pharmaceuticals, 3. Gun Running, 4. Gun For Hire, 4. Musicians Brawl, 5. False Murder Call?, 6. Crown Vic Sighted Again, 7. Italian Mystery Woman, 8. Lounge Electric/tronics Problems, 9. Danny Lomu's Daughters, 10. Embassy Row Bombing, 11. Xain Meets Prince Head Storyteller   Mon  8/20/2001
2915 IC warning about criminal activity in the city  Casey B   Tue  8/21/2001
2916 ATTN: Garou, Gang bangers, orAny Chars who use/deal Drugs in DC (OOC Article: D.C. Man Convicted of 9 Gang Murders (Plot Device)) Casey B   Tue  8/21/2001
2917 Monday's Gossip (IC) (Roundup: 1. Mercedes & Harmony Lomu, 2. Gregor, 3. Feds at Lounge?, 4. Archon Warning, 5. Maratel's Agent, 6. Sarysse Charity CD & Farewell Tour, 7. Drug Murder Head Storyteller   Tue  8/21/2001
2920 (no subject) (OOC Entertainment News: Beethoven's Macbeth Overture to Premiere Next Month) 11th Hour Head ST   Thu  8/23/2001
2921 Update on the Lomu girls (Possible Danny Lomu Attack or Suicide) Head Storyteller   Fri  8/24/2001
2923 IC Info (OOC Article Of Interest To Military & FBI PC's) Rev. Yn Hullad Noanagh   Fri  8/24/2001
2925 Maori Culture Primer (OOC Cultural Overview For Players' Edification) Casey B   Tue  8/28/2001
2926 Fwd: Botswana (OOC Embassy Bombed (Plot Device)) Casey B   Tue  8/28/2001
2928 Fwd: Manhole explosions - another plot device (OOC: Numerous Manhole Covers Exploding) Casey B   Tue  8/28/2001
JULY 2001
2879 Arsonist Stalking The Prince? (OOC Fires At Embassies of Estonia & Malta) Casey B   Wed  7/11/2001
2880 News snippet in entertainment sections. (Hawthorne Productions Signs British Newcomer Loki To Record Deal) Maratel   Thu  7/12/2001
2883 And more atlantis notes! (OOC Background for Atlantis Plot) Casey B   Mon  7/23/2001
2884 And yet more Atlantis notes (OOC Background for Atlantis Plot) Casey B   Mon  7/23/2001
2885 More Atlantis Notes (IC & OOC) (OOC Background for Atlantis Plot) Casey B   Mon  7/23/2001
2886 More Atlantis Notes (antarctica?) (OOC Background for Atlantis Plot) Casey B   Mon  7/23/2001
2887 And more notes on Atlantis - SANTORINI/Thera (OOC Background for Atlantis Plot) Casey B   Mon  7/23/2001
2890 Pentex Up To No Good? (OOC: Train Wreck Stirs Fear Over Nuclear Freight ) IceFalcon   Sun  7/29/2001
2892 More articles of interest (OOC: Two Nile Cities Sink (Plot Device)) IceFalcon   Mon  7/30/2001
2893 Archaeology in Israel (IC) (OOC Article (Plot Device) IceFalcon   Mon  7/30/2001
JUNE 2001
2867 News report--Monday morning (Two Mulatto/Black Men Murdered) Also Sprach Zarathustra   Mon  6/11/2001
2868 Re: Kidnapped? (Nick Rivers (Teen M) Missing) Doug Fraser   Mon  6/11/2001
2872 Fwd: Atlantis notes  (OOC Articles as Plot Device) Casey B   Tue  6/19/2001
MAY 2001
2815 Slight IC News update (IC/OOC 1. Sarysse & Alex, 2. Tamarah Stone & Stolen Books, 3. Maratel, 4. Bajang Bartending at Lounge)  Head Storyteller   Wed  5/2/2001
2818 Entertainment Review (Maratel Review) Maratel   Tue  5/8/2001
2821 IC news bout Danny (Danny Lomu Gossip) Disenracnhised Warrior   Thu  5/17/2001
2822 News Snippets from around the globe (Maratel Gossip) Maratel   Thu  5/17/2001
2823 Yahoo! News Story - Pentagon Says It Is Under Daily Computer Attack (OOC Article (Plot Device)) Yahoo! News   Thu  5/17/2001
2824 Article appearing in Entertainment sections world (Project SoS/Maratel) Maratel   Fri  5/18/2001
2844 Hard Rock/Metal Radio broadcast  (Maratel & Veronique's Single "Bloodscent") Maratel   Thu  5/24/2001
2859 Posting for Nadia (Sen. Carpenter (R) Found At Gay Strip Club, Drained Of Blood) Maratel   Sat  5/26/2001
APRIL 2001
2808 Tycoon and Diva to Marry? (IC Gossip) (Alex & Sarysse Gossip) Head Storyteller   Mon  4/23/2001
2811 Marriott and O’Riordan Are Already Married! (IC News Flash) (Alex & Sarysse Gossip) Casey B   Mon  4/30/2001
2812 Greetings (IC The Arrival of Maratel DeSandeleu, French Pop Singer) Maratel   Mon  4/30/2001
2813 Marriott and O’Riordan Are Already Married!  (Alex & Sarysse Gossip) Alexander Marriott   Mon  4/30/2001
MARCH 2001
2762 Alex and Sary make the Post (IC Article) (Gossip) Casey B   Fri  3/2/2001
2790 Washington Post Article (Alex and Sarysse Gossip) Jennifer Smith   Tue  3/20/2001
2747 Fwd: Atlantis notes (OOC Articles (Plot Device)) Casey B   Mon  2/5/2001
2748 Fwd: more Atlantis stuff - Links (OOC URL's (Plot Device)) Casey B   Mon  2/5/2001
2753 Chris DuMonte (IC Music News) firefyre@hotmail.com   Tue  2/20/2001
2754 Newspaper story: Danny Lomu (Offered Movie Role) Disenracnhised Warrior   Wed  2/21/2001
2755 IC: VERONIQUE SOMBRE SWEEPS THE GRAMMIES…. BUT WHERE IS SHE? (Self-Explanatory) MaGnUs   Wed  2/21/2001
2757 IC NEWS: Recent short article in the business section of newspapers (Akane Toriyama) MaGnUs   Mon  2/26/2001
2703 Washington Post article (Sarysse Piano Concert At Kennedy Center) Jennifer Smith   Wed  1/3/2001
2728 Inaugural Ball (IC: Sarysse Appears) LJ Shortt   Mon  1/22/2001
2734 NEWS FLASH! (IC) - 11th Hour Back To Its Old Tricks! (Sarysse Attacked By Wild Animal At Lounge) icefalcon@intelligencia.com   Thu  1/25/2001
2735 CNN Report (Bear Mauling At Lounge, Darren North) Dalen Gwyr   Sat  1/27/2001
2737 News Flash (Danny Lomu in Bar Brawl) Disenracnhised Warrior   Mon  1/29/2001
2738 Danny Lomu (Profile) Disenracnhised Warrior   Mon  1/29/2001
2739 Articles Articles Articles! (Sarysse & Alex Marriott Gossip) Jennifer Smith   Tue  1/30/2001
2740 IC: The Grammies (LONG, sorry) (Veronique Sombre) MaGnUs   Tue  1/30/2001
2742 NEWS FLASH (Danny Lomu) Disenracnhised Warrior   Wed  1/31/2001
2655 The Australian Pentex Plot - Raisa & The Tazzy Tiger (OOC Articles on Tasmanian Tiger (Plot Device)) IceFalcon   Fri  12/1/2000
2685 Washington Post (GTown Prof. Alenka Luzar Murdered) LJ Shortt   Wed  12/13/2000
2688 ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE: Interview With Veronique (Self-Explanatory) MaGnUs   Thu  12/14/2000


2573 Fwd: Re: Media Frenzy (Jareth's News) (London Artist Jareth Dion) Casey B   Wed  11/1/2000
2584 Washington Post News Article (Murder of General Manchester (USMC) in Greece) Eris Manchester   Fri  11/3/2000
2605 Rolling Stone Magazine Article (Kraft Quits Plastiquesangnoir) MaGnUs   Thu  11/9/2000
2606 Military Funeral (General William Manchester (Father of Eris)) LJ Shortt   Fri  11/10/2000
2626 Wednesday Dinner (Embassy Private Party at 11th Hour) LJ Shortt   Tue  11/14/2000
2633 DC Newspaper Article (Review of Sarysse's Performance in Lounge) LJ Shortt   Thu  11/16/2000
2637 The plays the thing! (Eris Manchester Gossip) LJ Shortt   Fri  11/17/2000
2646 New Psychic in town (Ji-Che Ming) firefyre@hotmail.com   Sun  11/26/2000
2647 IC INFO: NEW PLASTIQUESANGNOIR ALBUM! (IC Album Info & Review) MaGnUs   Wed  11/29/2000
2648 National Enquirer (Mikey Kitarn At Rehab Clinic) LJ Shortt   Thu  11/30/2000
2454 Fwd: Scottish Chars Take Note (OOC News (Scotland's Leader Dies)) Casey B   Sat  10/14/2000
2459 Mike's Return (IC w/ Singi From Australia) Mike   Sun  10/15/2000
2467 Fwd: IRA will allow second arms inspection-Sinn Fein (OOC News of Interest) Casey B   Mon  10/16/2000
2474 Sary Stuff (IC Press on Sarysse) Jennifer Smith   Tue  10/17/2000
2479 NY Times Article (Kitty Whittier's Gossip Column) LJ Shortt   Wed  10/18/2000
2482 Media Frenzy (IC E! Interview with Sarysse) Jennifer Smith   Thu  10/19/2000
2485 Re: Media Frenzy (IC Music News) MaGnUs   Fri  10/20/2000
2493 Re: Washington Times IC Article (Gossip Column) Casey B   Sat  10/21/2000
2513 Teen Drug Abuse Concerns In Our schools (IC News (Self Explanatory) Isobel   Tue  10/24/2000
2515 (no subject) (Teen Deaths Linked to Veronique Sombre) Prince Malphas   Wed  10/25/2000
2518 New York Times (Kitty Whittier's Gossip Column) Eris Manchester   Wed  10/25/2000
2519 Washington Post article (Sarysse & Veronique Benefit Concert At Georgetown) Jennifer Smith   Thu  10/26/2000
2521 Daily News (Art Thief At Smithsonian) Mike   Thu  10/26/2000
2527 More News (Mikey Kitarn) Mike   Fri  10/27/2000
2544 IC International News (Air France Flight Diverted To Heathrow - Wolf In Luggage Bin) Casey B   Mon  10/30/2000


2317 Fwd: Vampires In The News (5 "Facts" About Vampires OOC) Casey B   Wed  9/6/2000
2365 Fwd: Jazzman Obit (Musicians IC take note) (OOC Real Obit) Casey B   Wed  9/13/2000
2395 CITY ALERT (Anacostia Earthquake) Mike   Sat  9/16/2000
2396 City Alert (Anacostia Earthquake Redux) Mike   Mon  9/18/2000
2442 Gossip (Sarysse & Kitty Whittier Fight) Jennifer Smith   Mon  10/9/2000
2064 Jordan Davis Journals - Volume II, Issue I Jordan Davis   Wed  8/2/2000
2077 Australian Story Line (Rev. Jackson & Gang Wars) Brett Wallis   Wed  8/2/2000
2128 Story ideas: Lost Roman Town of Noviomagus [True Story] (OOC Archaeology News/Plot Hook) Casey B   Tue  8/8/2000
2186 The New Adventures Jordan Davis - Part I Jordan Davis   Tue  8/15/2000
2231 Update on the Board of Health hearings (11th Hour Lounge) Casey B   Tue  8/22/2000
2232 Fictional IC News re the Kursk in Russia (Piotr Yuri Romanov) Casey B   Tue  8/22/2000
2237 Fwd: Russian lies (for use IC) (OOC Russian Politics/Kursk) Casey B   Wed  8/23/2000


JULY 2000
1725 Newspaper Article found on the front page (Orion Pharmaceuticals Exec Dead) Greg Welch   Thu  7/6/2000
1757 The Jordan Davis Journals - Part I (IC Journal) Jordan Davis   Fri  7/7/2000
1776 Summons against the 11th Hour Lounge (Handicapped Discrimination Lawsuit) Dalen Gwyr   Sun  7/9/2000
1781 Front Page Newspaper Article (11th Hour Lounge Restaurant Rating Endangered) Lizzie   Mon  7/10/2000
1784 Newspaper Article (Red Poet Murders) Lizzie   Mon  7/10/2000
1788 The Jordan Davis Journals - Part II (IC Journal) Jordan Davis   Mon  7/10/2000
1797 The Jordan Davis Journals - Part III (IC Journal) Jordan Davis   Tue  7/11/2000
1812 Front Page Newspaper Article (Red Poet Murders) Lizzie   Wed  7/12/2000
1826 (In the opinions section of the paper, a reader writes (Opinion on the Red Poet Murders) Lizzie   Thu  7/13/2000
1831 The Jordan Davis Journals - Part IV (IC Journal) Jordan Davis   Thu  7/13/2000
1835 more news (11th Hour Lounge Health Inspection Problems) Isobel   Thu  7/13/2000
1839 Re: Classified Ad In The Washington Post (IC Anonymous Personal Posting) Casey B   Fri  7/14/2000
1840 Phantom of the Cabaret - Entertainment Review - Washington Post (11th Hour Lounge Impromptu Cabaret) Jordan Davis   Fri  7/14/2000
1841 Re: IC news/Restaurant Ratings (11th Hour Lounge Rated) Casey B   Fri  7/14/2000
1847 For those who either watch, listen, or read the media (Mikey Kitarn & Singi) Mike   Fri  7/14/2000
1848 In the opinions column (IC Editorial About The Lounge's Troubles) Lizzie   Fri  7/14/2000
1892 Australian Garou Story Line **IC NEWS** (Gunmen Attack Father Highway Jackson) Brett Wallis   Mon  7/17/2000
1901 The Jordan Davis Journals - Part V (IC Journal) Jordan Davis   Mon  7/17/2000
1911 Jordan Davis Journals - Part VI (IC Journal) Jordan Davis   Tue  7/18/2000
1932 The Jordan Davis Journals - Part VII (IC Journal) Jordan Davis   Thu  7/20/2000
1979 Jordan Davis Journals - Part VIII (IC Journal) Jordan Davis   Mon  7/24/2000
JUNE 2000
1452 To Anyone with Crime/Underworld Contacts IC (OOC Yahoo Link to Relevant Current News on Crime/Underworld Events) Casey B   Sat  6/3/2000
1463 Ancient City Discovered (plot device?) (OOC, Self Explanatory) Casey B   Sun  6/4/2000
1473 MICHAEL JAMES KITARN (Intro Of The Char OOC) Mike   Mon  6/5/2000
1475 Re: Christopher DuMonte (Intro Of The Char OOC) Doug Fraser   Mon  6/5/2000
1498 Local News (Fire?Deaths in Rock Creek Park) Mike   Thu  6/8/2000
1533 From the Washington post (Senator Masterson (Iowa) Resigns) Isobel   Thu  6/15/2000
1555 In the Post. 'ic news stories for those interested (1. Lansing & Orion Pharmaceuticals 2. Creatures Sighted in DC Sewers) . . (prophet)   Tue  6/20/2000
1562 {ic news story} (Animal Kills Sanitation Worker) . .(prophet)   Wed  6/21/2000
1563 (no subject) (Man Stuck In Lounge Men's Room) Adrian Monogue   Thu  6/22/2000
1569 ic news for those with police contacts (Disappearing Bodies/Orion (only for Police contacts)) entheogin@hotmail.com   Thu  6/22/2000
1573 IC news. death of a sanatation worker (Murdered In Office) entheogin@hotmail.com   Fri  6/23/2000
1578 News Report [Tal take special note please] (Cannibal Murderer) Dalen Gwyr   Sat  6/24/2000
1579 In the Sunday Post (Ashley Peterson Thought Murder Victim) Also Sprach Zarathustra   Sat  6/24/2000
1580 Gossip? Or fact? (1. Sarysse Torpored 2. Unusual Weather) Mike   Sat  6/24/2000
1586 News Report (Sarysse Missing) Jennifer Smith-Layfield   Sat  6/24/2000
1618 very wretched ic news story. [garou especially check this one out] (Severed head in dumpster) . .(prophet)   Mon  6/26/2000
1626 On the news, a couple of months ago... (Tommy O'Neil Murders) MaGnUs   Tue  6/27/2000
1655 Bunyip - Aborigines & Extinct Aussie Animals (OOC Science News) Casey Byrd   Thu  6/29/2000
1656 Bunyip - Tazzie Tiger (OOC Science news) Casey Byrd   Thu  6/29/2000
1658 Boobera Lagoon [Bunyip Storyline] (OOC Aboriginal News) Casey Byrd   Fri  6/30/2000
MAY 2000
1074 NEWS: For Kindred players only (and people who know what's up in their world) (Kyle Miller sighting) Casey B   Mon  5/1/2000
1100 in the news (Gunman shoots out Lounge windows) . .(prophet)   Thu  5/4/2000
1131 Hunters & Snipers - News (1. Lounge Security killed 2. Kyle Miller) Casey B   Mon  5/8/2000
1133 Hunter Update (Kyle Miller & Killings) Mike   Mon  5/8/2000
1158 Veronique Sombre (Assaulted someone in the Lounge) J.M. Elliott   Thu  5/11/2000
1344 News: Technocracy, Ventrue, Hackers, people w/Resources (OOC Virus) Casey B   Sat  5/27/2000
1345 Conspiracy theories... E Coli Outbreaks (OOC Article) Casey B   Sat  5/27/2000
1346 Virus Warning both IC and OOC! (Computer Virus) Casey B   Sat  5/27/2000
1349 Vampire Article (OOC) (Second World Dracula Congress) Casey B   Sat  5/27/2000
1355 DC local news - Security Breeches (OOC Gov't Security Breeches) Casey B   Sat  5/27/2000
1391 What has Prophet been up to now? :) (OOC London Ghost News Story) Casey B   Sun  5/28/2000
1433 Latest happenings in DC (Palanthis's Murder) Mike   Wed  5/31/2000
APRIL 2000
805 NEWSCAST - Sunday Night (4/2/00) (Wild Animal in Georgetown Dorm).  Casey B   Tue  4/4/2000
819 Albania (Albania. Self explanatory) Mike   Fri  4/7/2000
835 Updates on plots this weekend (1. Guns in the Lounge. 2. Strip Club blown up. 3. Sabbat embraced a Garou's mate. 4. Lysette's Bloodhunt 5. 3 new Chars. 6. Wraith & PC combat. 7. Lounge in danger of closing AGAIN. 8. New Garou Pack. 9. Ice's Suspire 10. Alex, Sary & Kris Tane issues. Casey B   Sun  4/9/2000
867 in the news (Lounge water sprinklers set off) .  . (prophet)   Thu  4/13/2000
928 news: police chief (Chief Stevens, DCPD disciplined) .  . (prophet)   Thu  4/20/2000
953 Odd Appearence (Malice murdering Johnny (rescinded) Doug Fraser   Sat  4/22/2000
1039 in the news (A Murder outside the Lounge) . . (prophet)   Fri  4/28/2000
1066 power outage (Gavin Office Fight) Ryan Anderson   Sun  4/30/2000


MARCH 2000
692 Re: Rumors on the street near the lounge (OOC refutation on Mysterious Healing) magewolf   Sun  3/12/2000
704 News report (Racial Murders) Joe Hogan   Tue  3/14/2000
721 Small Blurb in the Arts Section of the local paper (Lady Helen Fairfield) rfoss@earthlink.net   Thu  3/16/2000
724 Minor slow progressing SL (Albania) Mike   Fri  3/17/2000
725 New update (Miracle Healings) Mike   Fri  3/17/2000
728 news update: necropolis dc (wraith news) entheogin@hotmail.com   Fri  3/17/2000
730 Another news post (Jesus Sightings, Albania) Mike   Sun  3/19/2000
733 Re: Another news post (OOC Notes on Jesus Sightings, Albania) Casey B   Sun  3/19/2000
746 Events (Brujah Msg. to Prince) Joe Hogan   Tue  3/21/2000
750 RaceWar (Race riots in DC, Embassy burned) Joe Hogan   Thu  3/23/2000
751 News Report <from Elric's STing last night> (Race Riots by Lounge) Jennifer Smith-Layfield   Thu  3/23/2000


446 NEWS (Killings & Robberies) kel_senlin@hotmail.com   Tue  2/1/2000
448 More stuff happining (5 murders, Brujah & OCT Symbols found) kel_senlin@hotmail.com   Wed  2/2/2000
460 New's Flash (3 Mutilated bodies near White House) Dalen Gwyr   Sun  2/6/2000
469 Evening News (Brujah & Tremere "Gang Wars") kel_senlin@hotmail.com   Wed  2/9/2000
470 War in the streets (Brujah & Tremere "Gang Wars") kel_senlin@hotmail.com   Thu  2/10/2000
475 Panic in the Streets (Wolves roaming DC Streets) kel_senlin@hotmail.com   Fri  2/11/2000
477 Re: Panic in the Streets (Refutation of Msg. 475) Casey B   Fri  2/11/2000
484 Blood n' Guts (Fight outside Lounge) James Benson   Sat  2/12/2000
505 Legal Trouble [IC information] (Lounge Liquor license suspended) ventrueprince@hotmail.com   Wed  2/16/2000


No IC News Was Posted. (borrrrrrrrrrrinnnnnnnnnnng!)


275 dc news story (Fight at Umbral Grill) . .(prophet)   Fri  12/10/1999
59 Fwd: More on the slayings in Georgetown... and I have been promoted (2 more GTown killings, Iosef Promoted) Alexander Marriott   Mon  11/8/1999
64 Anonymous Email (Darven receives Anonymous friendly warning) Jonathan K   Tue  11/9/1999
75 News Article [ic] Please Read Me - Gabe (Gabriel Wolfe missing after Glen Echo motorcycle accident) icefalcon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx   Thu  11/11/1999
76 News From Wednesday Nite (1. Gabriel Wolfe, 2. Sabbat attack Lounge, 3. Wall damage in Lounge, 4. Embassy Row police blockade) icefalcon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx   Thu  11/11/1999
24 Killings in Georgetown... (5 bodies found mutilated throughout Georgetown) iosef_androvski@xxxxxxx.xxx   Mon  10/25/1999
25 News this week (1. Thin Blooded, 2. Assassination attempt, 3. Cat & Ice fight, 4. Chief of Security resigns, 5. Sabbat Defectors, 6. Cardinal captured, 7. Tremere Primogen in trouble icefalcon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx   Mon  10/25/1999
26 Additional News of Late (1. Cemetery Murder, 2. Gypsy Murdered, 3. Gypsy Flees City) icefalcon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx   Tue  10/26/1999
37 Updates (1. Hunter, 2. Bar Fight, 3. Kindred Turns Mortal, 4. Torie Party) icefalcon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx   Sat  10/30/1999


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