The DCPD continues to be stumped for several weeks now over a mysterious corpse that surfaced during an incident in a local apartment building first reported back in May. Officers later revealed to news crews that the body of a person was found when officers responded to reports of a domestic dispute at the apartment of local freelance reporter and writer Ms. Caeli Kane. Her apartment was thoroughly ransacked, and in fact looked as if some manner of violent combat or extreme vandalism had taken place. Large sections of the flooring bore gaping holes down to the support beams, and her furniture and walls were heavily damaged, with blood spilled in several places.
Eyewitnesses, primarily neighbors, provided unbelievable accounts of bizarre events occurring that evening. Reports included assertions of swarming insects, gang violence and a naked young woman leaving the scene, whom no one thought to or was able to detain for questioning.
    Police searched Ms. Kane's apartment but were unable to offer any theories or suspects based on the evidence gathered thus far. They did find some minor evidence of Ms. Kane dabbling in pop-psychology occult activity but nothing they considered dangerous or noteworthy.
    The body was already showing signs of decay far beyond Ms. Kane's claim that the corpse was murdered only hours prior to the arrival of police. Ms. Kane allegedly identified the victim as a young man in his 20's purportedly named Tristan Starless. However, a background check has shown no Social Security number, driver's license, NCIC database fingerprints or medical records for any individual matching that description or even a similar name. For the time being, Jordynne Forrester of the DC Coroner's Office has stated that the victim is being classified as a John Doe pending further investigation.
    The mystery man, if it is in fact a man, was pronounced tentatively DOA at George Washington University Hospital at 10:00 am, and though the cause of death is indeterminate at this time, the victim showed severe trauma to the abdominal region. The Coroner's Office says that they will file an updated time of death when it can actually be determined.
    There was a pair of unusual swords found near the body, which are being scrutinized by the Forensics Unit.
Ms. Kane has been detained for questioning on the incident, but her statements have not yet been released. The identity of the killer or killers is still unknown, as is the identity of the brown or black haired woman leaving the scene in the nude. Some sources report being too frightened to go near her, and the Apartment Manager insists he saw the woman fly away. He is being treated for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.
    Police are pursuing a lead that there were persons vaguely matching the descriptions of this purported Mr. Starless, and the mystery woman, involved in another outbreak of violence some weeks back at the Phantasm jazz club, as well as conflicting reports of the use of swords in that fight. The incident was never solved, and witness reports were inconclusive. Incidentally the woman involved at the Phantasm altercation was said to have been killed, though no body was recovered, and it was said a young man with long brown hair had carried out a young black haired girl from the scene. The girl appeared to witnesses to be dead, with mortal sword wounds to her torso. None of the witnesses were able to compose themselves enough to stop him, and they had vanished by the time police arrived.
    Police are also pursuing leads attempting to discover links, if any, between Ms. Kane, a gentleman with long brown hair said by Ms. Kane's neighbors to frequent her apartment in the weeks prior to this incident, and a young blond haired man also seen frequenting her abode. Their identities are unknown at this time, and it is unknown whether either of the gentlemen could be John Doe, though in followup reports the neighbors have seen neither man since, nor have neighbors at Ms. Kane's new residence, the location of which cannot be revealed pending further investigation.
    The Forensics office has noted that this odd pattern of decay has been rumored to have been seen before; on the bodies of those 7 Fraternity brothers at University of Maryland, and on the body of oil heiress Karissa Banchi. A spokesman for the CDC in Atlanta says they have not traced it to any known virii or diseases as of yet.
    Any individuals having information that can resolve either incident or even tie them together, are urged to phone the Tipsters Anonymous Hotline at (202) 555-0041.
Police Artist Renderings of possible individuals connected to the above incidents: