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Mark Madden -- 

Saying what you know is true.

Listen, people, here is your god. It is time for me to to speak out about the immoral acts that the governing body of College Football, the only TRUE football left in this great land, is allowing to take place in DC. The NCAA needs to step in and force that little immoral coconut-eating, interracially dating little RB, Robbie "Look at me" Jones to stop all this crap he is doing. Now, before get on the whole "I am a queer-bashing homo-phobe" band wagon, let me remind you all that I spent a lot of time with those who bat for the other team when I was working with the wrestlers, but at least those girl-boys had the common sense not to brag about it to the media, like we all wanna hear about that.

From where I sit, all I see is a kid who has hit some on-field problems and is now trying to hide his failure. And seriously, if the little bed-hopper had been as injured as he claimed, was why did the NCAA and Coach Benson allow him to play this year? The truth is that he never was stabbed, and he knew his time at the top of the NCAA football was ruined, so he started this bullsh-- about being victimized by racists.

Yet, as usual, I, Mr. Mark Madden, know how to fix this whole mess. DEPORT him. Let the bleeding hearts say I am mean. I DONíT CARE! It is time for the Robbie Jones Circus and Freak Show to end, before he destroys the last vestige of credibility that the NCAA has. Either that, or make him for Pitt next year. You know it makes sense. I am Mark Madden, and I am you leader.

And one last thing. Just so that you peons out there can read the crap that coconut-brain Jones said, below is the transcript from his recent visit to my Radio show. Read 'em and weep.

listen live   

If you missed it live, come back here to listen to past interviews and rants!!


Listen to Mark Madden's interview with Georgetown University's Running Back Robbie Jones (11/24/03)


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