IC News 10-01-03

Police Beat Roundup


DCPD News - Earlier this week, DC Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey announced that he would be appointing a special Task Force of officers to cooperate with Federal Agents in investigating the disturbingly high number of murders and other violent crime in the past year involving active and retired politicians. Sources say that police have been stumped by over a half dozen cases of such attacks in recent months and feel that a cooperative effort is their only hope of resolving these cases.


Calls to the Republican National Committee, due to the fact that the majority of politicians involved were Republicans, went unanswered. New Jersey State Police have been invited to seat 3 officers on the Task Force, due to the fact that the crimes have involved an unusual number of New Jersians as well.


Public Relations Spokespersons for the Department would not comment to complaints and allegations that the DCPD would not bother to put forth such a concerted effort for the murder of ordinary citizens, conspiracy or not.



Recent cases involved retired Senator Thomas Billingsley of Maryland; Senator Reginald Haige [R-NJ], murdered this Spring in Montgomery County; his former rival, New Jersey Senator Roberto Testeblance, who has had no luck finding the person impersonating his dead pre-teen son; and  Senatorial Candidate Randolf Cardan [D-NJ], who died in a mysterious car crash near Cabin John, Maryland last Spring, reminiscent of Chappaquiddick.



Police continue to maintain an anonymous tipsters phone line for leads on any of the above unsolved cases. (202) 555-DCPD. All informants' identities will be protected.




SOUTHEAST - WEB OF NIGHT - PETTY THEFT: A young man in his twenties with scruffy dark blonde hair, and a young woman, slightly older, with long dark hair, were reported to have stolen the pocketbook from a female patron at Web of Night last week. The young man punched the owner of the purse in her face. She could not ID either party. Charges were not presses, and no further information is available at this time.



SOUTHEAST - WATERFRONT - STOLEN CAR ID'd: DCPD has identified the stolen teal Chevy Impala used in numerous crimes by the notorious "Villynz" crew in Southeast. The actual registered owner of most of the vehicle is a Mr. Conrad Banniker of Ingraham Street Northeast, who reported the car stolen several months ago. The engine and VIN numbers, however, no longer match, as the car has been heavily modified since it was taken. Mr. Banniker has no known connect to the street gang and is not a suspect in any events tied to the use of the vehicle, which DCPD finally released into his custody after all available evidence was collected from the car.  A fund set aside by the proceeds of liquidating stolen and unreturnable assets from DC crimes, in part paid for restoration of the car. 

Police are still searching for the driver, Mr. Darnell Stewart of no fixed address, known to be in Southeast DC and said to be the leader of the gang. Anyone with information on his whereabouts should call the Tipster hotline.

(reference: http://digitalgothic.net/Events/News/News9-1-03.htm )



NORTHWEST - DISTURBANCE: DCPD reported that they were called to respond to another outbreak of fighting between patrons of the Dance Club "The Phantasm", a few days ago. Upon arrival however, the club was in chaos but no one could clearly identify the perpetrator of the disturbance. No arrests were made; however, due to pressure from neighboring businesses and DCPD, the Phantasm closed down for a week, losing several thousand dollars in business and postponing shows by such local acts as singer Louis Delacourt, dancer/singer Aki Oshii and magician Professor Aephestus. 



MIDTOWN - BREAK IN AT LOCAL MORGUE: Officers responded to a notice of a break-in at the Precinct 6 Morgue in DC last week. A late night watchman discovered a gaping hole busted through the divider wall inside the complex while making his rounds. Whoever had done it had long since left. The cameras in that area of the building had been disabled by some kind of electronic surge or shorting. Other than the huge hole taken out of an area of wall near one of the cameras, the only other disturbance of note is that the body of the John Doe (purported to be one Tristan Starless by witness Caeli Kane, now in police custody for questioning) was disturbed, but did not seem to have been altered or molested in any way other than having been removed from the corpse storage area. Coroner's Assistant Forrester confirmed the condition of the body later that evening. Police have no suspects at this time and no motive, though certainly details of this case have been unusual since it came to light a couple weeks ago. The case remains open at this time.



SOUTHEAST - ANOTHER UNUSUAL NEW YORK AVENUE FIRE: DCFD responded to a two alarm blaze of a meeting hall of the American Legion off New York Avenue in Southeast. The small one story building, formerly a small business, was found locked and chained from the inside. The fire killed all 12 known occupants of the meeting hall, who had gathered for a monthly game of Bingo. Arson squad teams state that the fire is notable in that it contains the same suspicious chemical composition, or lack therein, of three previous fires in the Southeast area. Fire crews are baffled trying to explain the origin of these strange fires, all three prior also occurring in the SE corridor. There were no witnesses left alive to give crews any further information.