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Changeling: the Dreaming (Fae)

Elves are wonderful. They provoke wonder. Elves are marvellous. They cause marvels.
Elves are fantastic. They create fantasies. Elves are glamourous. They project glamour.
Elves are enchanting. They weave enchantment. Elves are terrific. They beget terror.

--Terry Pratchett, "Lords and Ladies"


'About six hundred years ago, disbelief became so rampant that the Dreaming withdrew from the mortal world. Gateways linking the two worlds closed, stranding the Fae still present on Earth, alone with the disbelief that always threatened to destroy them. The glorious Sidhe, the nobles and rulers, surged to the last remaining gateways and fled to Arcadia, usually leaving the loyal retainers who had served them for so long to fend for themselves.


'Those Fae left behind adopted the Changeling Way. They took on mortal hosts, sharing the bodies with mortal souls. Commoner changeling took noble titles and cared for the abandoned freeholds, striving to maintain a touch of the Dreaming in the real world.  


'Changelings are the forgotten children of Arcadia, the homeland of the Fae, deep in the Dreaming, the place where all true inspiration comes from. The Fae cannot withstand the ravages of disbelief, mundanity, Banality; these are the antithesises of all they are. So they must adopt human bodies and masquerade as mortals in the mundane world. The immortal Fae soul enters the mortal body at birth, joining the mortal soul to create a single personality, emerging in its full glory later in life. Upon death, the Fae soul finds a new vessel, a new child. This is the Changeling Way; it's what the Fae must do to survive in a world with no time for fairy tales.'


(quotes from The Fae Cafe)


Duke: Sean "Onyx Flame" Brennan

Overview of Fae Society:

- High King
- (A continent) House Lord/King
- (A kingdom, or an ENTIRE house) Prince/Princess
- (A kingdom.) Lord/Lady
- (Governs a house, no land) Duke/Duchess 

- (Half a state to an entire state) Count/Countess

- (A city to half a state depending on population) Baron/Baroness 

- (A few blocks to a city) Knight



"What we need is not the will to believe, but the wish to find out." -- Bertrand Russel



Allowed Kiths : Boggan, Eshu, Nockers, Pooka, Redcap, Satyr, Sidhe, Sluagh and Troll.

ST Restricted Kiths (Seelie & Unseelie): May-may-gwya-shi (Rock Fishers), Rock Giants, Nanehi, Yunwi Amai'yine'hi (Water People), Yunwi Tsundsi (Little People), Canotili (Tree Dwellers), Tunghat (Green Dwarves, Owners), Kachinas, Suremsw (Yaqui Little People), Water Babies, Numuzo'ho (Crushers of People), Pu'Gwis, Inuas (Spirit Helpers)

ST Restricted Merits / Flaws: Fairy eternity, Title above 4, Chimera 4 or above, True Faith



We will no longer be accepting new Hsien (Eastern Fae) PC's in this chronicle, unless the ST's lift this restriction prior to the completion of "Time of Judgment." 


As of August 2004 we know of no plans for White Wolf to provide for Fae PC's in the new WOD 2.0 (though Justin Achilli has been alluding that there could be in 2-3 years), and so we currently anticipate phasing this genre out in the course of the TOJ Chronicle, at least until new Fae rules are announced. If this changes, you will be notified here as we learn more. 



"Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality." -- Jules de Gaultier



The following is merely a "cheat sheet" or guide. You are highly encouraged to at least buy or get access to the core book (WW7000).

Using the Template that you can download HERE:

1. Name: Put the name of your character 

2. Player Name: Put your name (and preferably also your email address).

3. Chronicle: Put "Washington, DC By Night" or just "DC By Night" or "11th Hour"

4. Court: Seelie or Unseelie. 

  • The Seelie Court stands for order, tradition, and honor. The Seelie maintain that only through unity and adherance to the old codes will the Dreaming be saved. Rich in the trappings of medieval times, the Seelie uphold every dream of nobility and royal majesty remaining in mortal minds. They are associated with light, love, and the seasons spring and summer.

  • The Unseelie Court stands for chaos, dissention, and change. The Unseelie believe that only through chaos can change come about, and only through change can the Dreaming be saved. More modern than their Seelie counterparts, the Unseelie eschew the old concepts of honor and tradition. They are associated with darkness, bitterness, and the seasons fall and winter. 

5. Legacies: Every changeling has a Seelie and an Unseelie legacy. They describe the two fundamental facets of personality. One is dominant, however; with the other lying dormant or just beneath the surface.  Which one is usually predominant determines Court affiliation.

Seelie Legacies:

Unseelie Legacies:

6. House: Dougal, Eiluned, Fiona, Gwydion, Liam, Ailil, Balor, Leanhaun, or Scathatch.

Houses are more of a Sidhe thing.

More on Houses:

7. Seeming: Childing, Wilder or Grump.

More on Seemings:

8. Kith: Changeling Kiths -- Boggans -Busy-Bodies, Eshu -Wandering Storytellers, Pooka -Animal Tricksters, Nockers -Flawed Crafters, Redcaps -Hungry Nightmares, Satyrs -Passionate Philosophers, Sidhe -Beautiful Nobility, Sluagh -Silent Informants, Trolls -Honorable Warriors 

Expanded explanation of Kiths:

9. Motley:

The Fae Template we have does not use Character Concepts/Archetypes, or Nature/Demeanor, these things being more or less covered in Legacy and so forth. But this information below is included for consistency in interpreting your Fae character in a crossover chronicle like ours where other PC's do use these stats.


Concept: There is an actual list of concepts HERE (link under construction). We do realize that some of them may not fit exactly but do the best you can. Concepts are usually a 1-2 word root-level label for who your character is at the core (not in a supernatural sense). Examples might be: Drifter, Intellectual, Party Animal, Politician, Misguided Prophet, Socialite. These are stereotypes and needn't be literal; details would be covered in your background.  


Temp Link containing examples of Concepts:


Some temporary sites for help on Nature & Demeanor 

(These are incomplete but decent enough to help):

10. Attributes (Physical/Social/Mental): You will have 7/5/3 starting dots. Give thought to spending them according to the kind of person your character is, not what looks neat or what you think you have to have to keep from being killed.

11. Abilities (Talents/Skills/Knowledges): You will have 13/9/5 starting dots. You may not have anything above 3 dots in Initial Stage here. 

Please do not "Min-Max" either (where you have all your dots in just a couple areas, and nothing anywhere else). 

Also remember new characters grew up in the modern world. That means it is unlikely you don't know at least a LITTLE Computers and how to Drive. Some may not but you should be able to justify this in the background.

Note the following differences in a Fae CS from other CS's: 

  • TALENTS: Kenning replaces Leadership

  • SKILLS: Fae do not have Animal Ken. Leadership is a Skill for Fae, not a Talent.

  • KNOWLEDGES: Fae do not have Academics or Finance. Fae instead have Enigmas and Gremayre. 

Temporary Link on Abilities (Current List Only, No "System"): 

NB: Specializations (Attributes and/or Abilities) -- If you have a 4 or higher, you may take a specialization in something, but the bonus rerolling ONLY is done when you are using that specific specialization. 

Example, if you have an Appearance of 4 and your specialization is "Sexy", you only get the bonus when you are trying to deliberately be "sexy" in your RP.

12. Advantages (Backgrounds/Arts/Realms): You have 5 starting dots for Backgrounds (we highly recommend at least Resources 2 in order to be able to afford to live in DC at all, but you can also buy this up with Freebies.) Backgrounds: WW7300 Changeling (main book), pg. 153-169  You have 3 starting dots for Arts. You have 5 starting dots for Realms.

Temporary Link for Backgrounds (Current List only, no "System"):

Another temporary Link for BACKGROUNDS (Multi-genre, no System):


Fae do not have a Humanity stat. For purposes of crossover powers that require one to determine the dice roll, ask the Fae ST for help. Also conversely, ask about rating other supernaturals for Glamour and Banality.

13. Merits & Flaws: WW7100 Changeling Players Guide, pg. 17-34


CHANGELING SPECIFIC MERITS & FLAWS: These are divided up by Kith, so that you can choose in keeping with the character concept:


Temp Links to use for Merits & Flaws. The VOE one is incomplete and VTM -centric in coverage; the Pen&Paper one doesn't give details but it DOES give the sourcebook for tons of them in every genre so at least you know what's currently legal and what isn't.


14. Willpower

15. Glamour & Banality:

  • Glamour is the raw power of Dreams, loosely akin to Blood Points or Gnosis. It is what gives the Fae their sustenance. It is infinitely malleable, and can be shaped into tools, weapons, or even creatures. Glamour is creativity in its purest form. It comes from the Dreaming itself, the wellspring of all true artistry, and is in very short supply on Earth.
  • The Fae need Glamour to continue their fae existences, else they fall to forgetting their true nature. To this end, changelings often cultivate mortal artists and inspire them to new heights of creativity. When a mortal artist creates something that significantly pushes her art form forward, she may, just for a moment, touch the Dreaming itself. But through this touch, Glamour enters the world, just a drop at a time. These drops may be meager rations, but they are all the Fae have. This touch of the Dreaming is called Epiphany.
  • Banality -- This is how infused with the taint of disbelief and reality a character is. The older the character, the higher the banality. This does not quite equate to Humanity as it is about belief, childlike wonder and creativity. Something can be high humanity and banal as hell. Or Glamourous but low "Humanity" or high Wyrm taint (such as a Fallen).

16. Secondary Abilities: Fae are entitled to these, however the current template we have doesn't have a slot for them yet. There are extra slots in the Primary Abilities Section, so for now you can probably use those. 

NB: Please add these in before you switch from Initial to Freebies Stage. 

For some odd reason, the Template crashes if you don't

There is a list of currently approved Secondary Abilities HERE (link under construction).


You may then switch the template to FREEBIES stage and you have 15 freebies to spend.


"WE are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams."
-- Willy Wonka, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"


-- You can DCC sheets to an ST in the channel or email them. You are responsible to check with Jon to see if he has received your character.



"We don't live in the world of reality, we live in the world of how we perceive reality."

-- Bryan Singer, director of "The Usual Suspects"




World of Darkness:

Time of Judgment (3/04)

ISBN: 1-58846-475-X CtD/DtF/HtR/KOTE/MtR
WW7000 Changeling the Dreaming (1995)  ISBN: 1-56504-700-1 Superceded by WW7300, main rules for 1st Edition.
WW7001 Changeling Book of Storyteller Secrets (1995)  ISBN: 1-56504-702-8 Expanded information for ST's. Superceded by WW7009
WW7002 Freeholds and Hidden Glens (1995)  ISBN: 1-56504-706-0 Descriptions and back-story of freeholds. History of people who frequent them.
WW7003 Changeling Players Kit (1995)  ISBN: 1-56504-704-4 Includes booklet, character sheets and info on Changeling.
WW7004 The Autumn People (1995)  ISBN: 1-56504-709-5 Autumn People & how they might be handled. Insight to dangerous aspects of Changeling.
WW7005 Shadow Court (1997)  ISBN: 1-56504-710-9 Information on the darker reflections of Fae. 
WW7006 Nobles: The Shining Host (1995)  ISBN: 1-56504-711-7 Introduces a new House: Scathach
WW7007 Isle of the Mighty (1997) ISBN: 1-56504-712-5 England (Albion), Scotland (Caledonia) & Wales (Cymru), new kith. info on Tremere in the Dark Ages
WW7008 The Enchanted (1997) ISBN: 1-56504-714-1  Kinain or allies of the Changelings
WW7009 Changeling Storytellers Guide (1998)  ISBN: 1-56504-708-7 Expanded information for ST's. Supercedes WW7001.
WW7010 Fool's Luck: The Way of the Commoner (1999) ISBN: 1-56504-715-X Insight on views of the World of Darkness, Fae history, & secret societies & political viewpoints.
WW7050 Kithbook: Trolls (1996)  ISBN: 1-56504-725-7 Information on Trolls
WW7051 Kithbook: Sluagh (1997)  ISBN: 1-56504-726-5 Information on Sluagh
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WW7055 Kithbook: Redcaps (1999) ISBN: 1-56504-482-7 Information on Recaps
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WW7200 Immortal Eye: The Toybox (1995)  ISBN: 1-56504-703-6 Fae trying to survive in the Banal world. Set in San Francisco
WW7201 Immortal Eyes: Shadow on the Hill (1996)  ISBN: 1-56504-705-2  Hawaii; introduces Menehune, the island's native fae.
WW7202 Immortal Eyes: Court of All Kings (1996) ISBN: 1-56504-713-3 Ireland, the home of Celtic customs that permeate the noble courts. 
WW7300 Changeling the Dreaming (1997)  ISBN: 1-56504-716-8 2nd Edition Corebook. Supercedes WW7000. 
WW7301 (May not exist?) ISBN:  No information available.
WW7302 Book of Lost Dreams (1997)  ISBN: 1-56504-717-6 Crossover information, and more information that could not make the original edition.
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WW7306 Kingdom of Willows (1998)  ISBN: 1-56504-720-6 The Willow Kingdom in Concordia
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WW7310 Denizens of the Dreaming (1999) ISBN: 1-56504-734-6 Dark things ahead, and dark things of the past. Contains new Arts and Kith
WW7311 Book of Lost Houses: The Second Coming (1999) ISBN: 1-56504-483-5 What happened in Arcadia, the Exile and the Tellurian through the 2nd Resurgence. 


"Our revels now are ended: these our actors As I foretold you, were all spirits, and Are melted into air, into thin air: And, like the baseless fabric of this vision The cloud-capp'd towers, the gorgeous palaces, The solemn temples, the great globe itself, Yes, and all which it inherit, shall dissolve, And, like this insubstantial pageant faded, Leave not a wrack behind: We are such stuff As dreams are made of, and our little life Is rounded with a sleep."

- Shakespeare's "The Tempest," Act IV


NOTE: A PC may not assume to know the "aura" or reading of a Changeling until they have earned this knowledge IC, via RP, buying Fae Lore, or info from an approved background. Otherwise, they may see the reading as stated, but it has no meaning to them.




BOOKS: Numerous Traditional Children's Fairy Tales. "Books of Faerie" by Neil Gaiman, "Wizard of Oz" by L. Frank Baum, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" & "Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There" by Lewis Carroll, "The Chronicles of Narnia" by C. S. Lewis, "Elfquest" by Wendy & Richard Pini, "Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman

MOVIES: Willow, Labyrinth ('86), Gremlins [Unseelie], Neverending Story (Die Unendliche Geschichte), Monkey Bones, Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Nightmare Before Christmas, "The Thief of Always" by Clive Barker

MUSIC: "My Fairy King" by Queen

POETRY: "The Erl-King (Erlkönig)" by Johann Wolfgang van Goethe, "The Fairies" by William Allingham, "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" by John Keats, "The Stolen Child" by William Butler Yeats



THEATER: "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare




Quintessential Fae Archetypes in Media & Myth:






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