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The Camarilla
-- 4 Additional Laws
-- Prince & Council
-- Justicars, Archons & Alastors
The Sabbat
The Anarchs
The Independents

-- Territory Lines

Restricted Backgrounds
- Restricted Clans
- Restricted Disciplines
- Restricted Merits & Flaws
- Restricted Misc.









The current overall Kindred climate in DC is volatile. It has been for years but things have gone up a notch, even for notorious DC. This is beyond typical vampire politics and manipulation into outright Cold War. The various supernatural factions in DC, and they are legion,  are constantly making moves to remove the Kindred from the City, both behind the scenes and blatantly, with no regard for any equivalent of the Masquerade even as merely a principle of common sense and survival. 

While the Camarilla have the reigns of that which is Kindred business here, those reigns are thrashing about in a power struggle for our very lives, not with the Sabbat, but with the entire World of Darkness. Where's Elysium, you ask? Hell, little one, you're lucky to be able to sleep the day in peace long enough to see the next night, never mind debate art, politics and social hour with your compatriots...

Things to bear in mind about the current state of various factions, when creating a Kindred character for this Chronicle:

Washington DC is a Camarilla City, with a Prince & Council as the ruling body of the Kindred. There is next to no presence of any other sects, and those disloyal or even just complacent about Camarilla law at least keep their mouths shut about it if they wish to live long. Those of non-Camarilla Clans who wish to swear loyalty to the Prince may be tolerated on an individual basis. It is said that Lasombra and Tzimisce Antitribu needn't bother trying, nor the Giovanni and Setites. Camarilla who come to a new City are assumed to be released and coming with character references from their prior Prince.

NB on the Use of the word "KINDRED": Out of habit, players freely use "Kindred" and "Vampire" interchangeably in this game, but that is incorrect (if you spot us having done this on the web site, please notify the Ops). Kindred correctly should only refer to Camarilla-inclined Vampires.

Kindred: The entire race of vampires as a whole, or a single vampire. According to vampire lore, the term came about in the 15th or 16th century after the Anarch Revolt. Sabbat hate this term and refuse to consider themselves as Kindred. 

NB: Aside from the Six Traditions, there are four additional Laws decreed in Washington under the current Prince: 


[1] Do not Sire for love (as per Caine's Law), for you do not want the additional burden, should the childe need putting down, of having to kill a lover;

[2] Do not Sire or Ghoul children, for their innocence is sacred;

[3] Do not kill to feed, for it is not necessary to our survival and attracts attention of the wrong sorts, and --

[4] Do not take ghouls without the Prince's permission, for many beings that seem mortal and therefore servants or herd, may in fact be supernaturals or belong to someone else already.


Additionally, you may never hunt in Georgetown, and you may never be present in Chinatown for any reason whatsoever.



Prince: ^IceFalcon^ 
Seneschal: Juan_Salazar 

PRIMOGEN & COUNCIL (as of 9/7/04) 

Assamites: Edward Gibson ("Whip": Ali Bin Oni )
Brujah: Mildred Sasso (Whip:
Ruzty Temple)
Gangrel Rep*: Bajang ("Whip": Duncan_Kinross)
Harpy: Open
Keeper of Elysium: Open
Malkavian: {Amy} (Whip: Osrel)
Nosferatu: Seraph Debleiuse (Whip: Ruben Thorne)
Scourge: Marcus Knight
Sheriff: Macab al-Qabar
Toreador: Louis Delacourt (Whip: Open)
Tremere: Sebastian de la Corte (Whip: Open)
Ventrue: Giorgio Clericuzio (Whip: Pia Lucchese)


- Your char may not automatically assume to know the above roster, unless you have made arrangements to have that knowledge IC, either through RP, or in your background (as a Cammie in good standing coming to Washington armed with contacts from your previous Prince).
- Gangrel are no longer officially Cammie. Pg. 47, Player's Guide to the Camarilla 3rd Ed. (WW2302) This Rep position is Advisory with Prince's permission IC.
- Only one specific Assamite faction has joined the Camarilla. 'Mite players must choose a faction.


- If your character needs to deal with the Justicarate in any manner, speak to Jon or Ice.
- We acknowledge and use the NPC Justicars from the WW books, rather than IRC NPC's: Brujah: Jaroslav Pascek, Malkavian: Maris Streck, Nosferatu: Cock Robin, Toreador: Madame Guil, Tremere: Anastasz di Zagreb, Ventrue: Lucinde.
- The former PC's Inner Council on Dalnet is Disbanded and no longer recognized here.
- NPC Archons & Alastors exist in the game, but their identities are not common knowledge. Do not ask to bring one in as a PC.





The Sabbat are primarily based in Baltimore, Maryland, about an hour's drive north of Washington. During 2002-2003 their leadership has been in shambles, losing an ArchBishop with no strong candidates coming to claim her place as of yet. If you wish to play a Sabbat character, do not expect to spend a great deal of time in DC, nor to have a strong base of support even at home, unless you manage to create one through RP. By and large, the Sabbat have cut their own balls out from under themselves and barely keep their foothold anywhere near DC, deservedly so.

You are welcome to play a Sabbat in this chronicle, but the Kindred focus is Cammie-centric, so be prepared to either be mostly RP'ing salvaging the leadership in Baltimore, being in DC under constant attack, or sitting on the sidelines a lot. This is a result of prior RP, not any indicator of our OOC ST willingness to support the genre.


There are occasional rebels poking their heads up from time to time, but should they raise too much fuss they may find those heads chopped off. There is no significant Anarch presence in the City, and any who are blatantly defiant of the Law will be punished as the Prince sees fit. You are welcome to run an Anarch PC but understand that IC you are in hostile territory and likely alone or too few to make much of a stand.


There is a varying degree of acceptance amongst the Independent Clans. For example, the Gangrel and the Assamites enjoy the unusual discretionary privilege of a voice on the Prince's Council, but many other Clans are regarded with anything from indifference to animosity, such as the Giovanni. There is a decent presence of Independent Kindred in Washington, tolerated in direct proportion to their submission to the Law.

NOTE August 2004: The Giovanni have been outright banned from Washington DC, IC, due to their flagrant violation of the Treaty forged in the Promise of 1528 (see below) by publicly outing the Ventrue this year. 

The cornerstone of the Giovanni Clan's interactions with the rest of Kindred society is the Promise of 1528. After the Cappadocian purge, and subsequent discoveries of others regarding the Giovanni plans to rend the Shroud, the Giovanni found themselves at odds with the Camarilla. Augustus Giovanni decided to withdraw from the Jyhad, and take his Family with him. In the winter of 1528, a selection of Elders, headed by Camarilla founder Rafael de Corazon, met with Claudius Giovanni, Augustus' childe, so that the hostilities between the Camarilla and the Giovanni could be put to rest. The conference lasted 10 nights, at the end of which Claudius Giovanni signed a formal agreement that would keep the Giovanni out of all Kindred affairs. The Giovanni could go about their business unmolested, so long as they kept to themselves, and did not involve themselves in the concerns of other Kindred. Furthermore, every 13 years, a coalition of Elders from the Camarilla Clans would visit Venice, in order to ensure adherence to the Promise.



Territorial Lines (WW 3rd Ed. Canon)

(from pgs. 18-19 WW2303 3rd Ed. Sabbat Player's Guide). 

  • The following cities are specified in WW Canon as designated Camarilla:

  • The following cities are specified in WW Canon as designated Sabbat: Atlantic City, NJ; Baltimore, MD; Detroit, MI; Mexico City, Mexico; Miami,FL; Montreal, Canada; Philadelphia, PA; Tijuana, Mexico

  • The following cities are specified in WW Canon as designated Contested or Other: Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA; Raleigh-Durham, NC; Richmond, VA 

NB: Washington, DC is listed as Sabbat; however, since this is in direct conflict with pre-existing RP in this Chronicle, we do not follow that canon and it has been Cam held for some time in this world.




Anything that is restricted is legal, but you may encounter an ST Moratorium on running it, for a variety of reasons (usually that players tend to abuse it, play it badly, or that it will almost guarantee the character's immediate death IC). 

NPC restrictions mean that you may not play one as anything other than an NPC (meaning a char that the ST's dictate their actions, regardless of who runs it).

PERMANENT RESTRICTION: Aside from the restrictions named below, Kindred and Ghoul PC's must have a background/goals/agenda that will make them easily relevant to the current storyline. Characters that are not meaningful to the storyline or to other PC's will be refused. No lone wolfing it; we do not want you sitting in a bar for 8 weeks until someone thinks to scan your aura or something. Ask the ST's if you need help in this.

Restricted Backgrounds: Age (1 dot only), Fame, City Status (Cam or Clan Status is fair game. City Status is conferred by the current Prince IC, not assumed coming in.)

Forbidden Backgrounds: Kindred with Law Enforcement, Fed Agent or Military employment AFTER Embrace.

Restricted Character Classes: Revenants (Ghoul Families), Non-Revenant Sabbat Ghouls (NPC only; in fact technically the Sabbat rarely ghoul, humans are cattle), Thin-Blooded, Dhampir

NOTE 1-18-04: TEMPORARY RESTRICTION: ALL Ghouls will be a restricted character class until this notice is removed. This is due to extreme difficulty in integrating them into the current setting, so ghouls will be approved on a case by case basis only at the ST's pleasure when a place can be found for them in the Chronicle. Ghouls must have an IC PC Regnant, and we will not accept any more abandoned ghouls as we have found in our player base there are no takers to master them, If you become ghouled through RP however, those will be accepted.

Restricted Clans:

NOTE (11/19/03): There is a TEMPORARY Moratorium on Clans. Until there is balance in the Sects, we will only be accepting traditional Cammie (Schism Assamite, Brujah, Malks, Nossies, Tories, Tremere, or Ventrue. No Lasombra Antitribu. No Gangrel.) or Sabbat (Lasombra, Tzimisce, Cammie-Antitribu, Panders) Clans until further notice. 

This also means no Caitiff, no Anarchs, and no abandoned childer. This restriction will be lifted once we flush out the core ranks of PC's. If you see this notice, it is not yet rescinded, so do not ask if you can have one. 

- PC’s: Assamites, Giovanni, Lasombra Antitribu, Malkavians ("Clown Malks" or ICP Clones will be refused outright, see below), Settites, Tremere. 

Vampire Revised, page 72: "There's no way to tell a Malkavian apart from the "sane" members of other clans...The Malkavians possess a dark intellect that is often - and increasingly - set to frightening purposes."

- NPC Class Only: Baali, Cappadocians/Harbingers of Skulls, Kiasyd, Nagaraja, Old Clan Tzimisce, Salubri & Salubri Antitribu, Samedi, Serpents of the Light, True Brujah

- Obscure bloodlines mentioned only in passing (be prepared to show where it comes from if we do not know off hand, WW Book # & Page #)) such as Daughters of Cacophony

- African Kindred (NPC Only because we are not set up to support them yet)

Forbidden Clans:

- Ravnos, Tremere Antitribu

Restricted Disciplines: 

- In-Clan vs. Out-of-Clan Policy: Starting PC's are not required to buy dots in all three in-Clan disciplines, but you may not substitute other out-of-Clan Disciplines in their place at Character Creation. When role-played properly, It is extremely hard to convince another vampire to teach you their tricks. Many players do not appreciate this and take it for granted that such a request would have been automatically honoured. You may not start out with Out-of-Clan Disciplines, and during the course of RP you may never have an Out-of-Clan Discipline go higher in dots than your lowest IN CLAN. If you want to play "mix and match", run a Caitiff with the appropriate penalties for such.

NOTE: You may not use something as "In-Clan" if it was In-Clan in a prior edition and then removed (example: Malks may not have Dominate instead of Dementation). You must provide a most-current up to date 3rd edition source of proof for eligibility to change Disciplines to anything other than default.

- CAITIFF & CHOICE OF DISCIPLINES: Caitiff may not take disciplines that are clearly difficult to convince another vampire to teach them, such as Thaumaturgy or Serpentis, without proof (logs) of the actual RP with a legally approved PC or NPC teaching it to you You may be assigned corresponding flaws to match, such as being Hunted or Clan Enmity.

Restricted Merits & Flaws: Child Vampire Flaw, Conspicuous Consumption Flaw, Dark Fate Flaw, certain Psychotic Mental Flaws (case-by-case)

Restricted Paths: Evil Revelations, Dark Ages Roads 

Restricted Sects: Black Hand (both "False" (Sabbat) & True Black Hand (Manus Nigrum aka Tal’Mahe’Ra, which is defunct & thereby closed to new players), Sabbat Inquisition.

OTHER RESTRICTIONS: PC's who come from New York, as it would conflict with prior RP history in this channel.






Using the Template that you can download HERE, :

1. Player: Put your name (and preferably also your email address).

2. Name: Put the name of your character.

3. Chronicle: Put "Washington DC By Night." (or DC By Night or 11th Hour)

4. Channel: Put "#11thHourOOC" as this is our home channel.

5. Position: You may not yet have one. Usually a title (Scourge, Prince, etc.) Omit if this does not apply.

6. Nature: Choose from the list HERE (link under construction). This is your true Nature, not the face the world sees. This aspect is vital, as you must act in the spirit of your True Nature to regain lost or spent Willpower.

Some temporary sites for help on Nature & Demeanor 

(These are incomplete but decent enough to help):

7. Demeanor: Choose from the same list as #6. Your Demeanor is the face you put on to the world, how you act. Nature and Demeanor must not be the same type.

8. Clan: Self-Explanatory. 

NB: Caitiff and Abandoned Childer should decide what clan they were sired by blood, as there are mechanisms in the game to determine this, even if they never knew IC. Do not put your chosen clan in the template as the points won't add up right in Disciplines. Just state it in your Background.

9. Embrace Date: This should be in your background anyway, as you should know your character's true age. At least put a year, if not an actual date.

10. Sire: If known. Again, Caitiff and Abandoned Childer should at least invent a fictitious Sire for the ST's purposes, even if they don't know the answer IC. Camarilla should never leave this blank.

11. Generation: Starting Kindred can have down to 8th Generation. The 3rd Edition Template is a little finicky about setting a generation lower than 13th. You have to buy the Generation background first, before it will give you the extra spaces above 5. You need to do this in the Initial Stage, then save it, close it and reopen it. The standard template does not work right  for Elder stats (7th Gen & lower), but those would be NPC's anyway (ergo, the ST's problem to worry about, not yours).

Crypt of the Phoenix Link explaining more on Generations:

12. Haven: You should decide where your character sleeps. The ST's can help you if you don't know the setting well enough to choose. This should be considered secret information IC, not something just any old PC should be told.

13. Concept: There is an actual list of concepts HERE (link under construction). We do realize that some of them may not fit exactly but do the best you can. Concepts are usually a 1-2 word root-level label for who your character is at the core (not in a supernatural sense). Examples might be: Drifter, Intellectual, Party Animal, Politician, Misguided Prophet, Socialite. These are stereotypes and needn't be literal; details would be covered in your background.  

Temp Link containing examples of Concepts:

14. Gender: Self-Explanatory, unless you're playing a trans-gendered character. Then you can either put what they were born as, or what they are now. We don't really care. Just pick one.

15. Apparent Age: Put the age your character looks like at first glance.

16. Attributes: You will have 7/5/3 starting dots, to spend in three categories (Physical/Social/Mental) in whatever order most suits your PC (Primary/Secondary/Tertiary). Give thought to spending them according to the kind of person your character is, not what looks neat or what you think you have to have to keep from being killed. 

NB: All Kindred start with 1 dot in every Attribute. Nossies can double click on the dot of App and get rid of it (App 0);  you won't be adding any dots after that anyway.

17. Abilities (Talents/Skills/Knowledges): You will have 13/9/5 starting dots. You may not have anything above 3 dots in Initial Stage here. Please do not "Min-Max" either (where you have all your dots in just a couple areas, and nothing anywhere else). Also remember new characters grew up in the modern world. That means it is unlikely you don't know at least a LITTLE Computers and how to Drive. Some may not but you should be able to justify this in the background.

NB: Specializations (Attributes and/or Abilities) -- If you have a 4 or higher, you may take a specialization in something, but the bonus rerolling ONLY is done when you are using that specific specialization. 

Example, if you have an Appearance of 4 and your specialization is "Sexy", you only get the bonus when you are trying to deliberately be "sexy" in your RP.


18. Advantages (Disciplines/Backgrounds/Virtues): You get 3 starting Discipline dots. You may not have Out-of-Clan Disciplines (except Caitiff, who have only those) as a starting character. You have 5 starting dots for Backgrounds (we highly recommend at least Resources 2 in order to be able to afford to live in DC at all, but you can also buy this up with Freebies.) You have 7 starting dots for your Virtues. 

Remember your Frenzy and Rotschreck rolls are based off these stats. 

Humanity = Conscience + Self-Control (Mortal Average is 7). Plan accordingly.


Temporary Link for Backgrounds (Current List only, no "System"):

Another temporary Link for BACKGROUNDS (Multi-genre, no System):


19. Miscellaneous: You can put notes in here for things that have no other spot, but the space is limited. Things that need explaining, put on your background.

20. Humanity: Humanity 7 is as humane as your average mortal. The lower this stat, the more in control of you the Beast is. New Sabbat will start off on Humanity unless your background covers that you have been a member for a while, as to become ethically inhuman takes time to process mentally. Humanity 8 and above must be justified in the background and roleplayed accordingly or you will be making rolls to see if you lose it again. This stat affects your down-time if you are torpored, as well as your reading to Shifters in Sense Wyrm.

21. Willpower:  Mortals and young Kindred typically have between 2-5. WP 6-7 can be bought. WP 8 or higher is extremely unusual in a new PC and would want justification, as would the Iron Will Merit.

22. Blood Points: The Template automatically generates this based on your Generation. Please keep track of when you feed IC as well as when you would supposedly feed IC if an opportunity had been available. Also keep track of BP spent upping your Physical stats or in usage of a Discipline. If you are low please notify an ST.

23. Secondary Abilities: Please add these in before you switch from Initial to Freebies Stage. The Template crashes if you don't. There is a list of currently approved Secondary Abilities HERE (link under construction).


(here is a temp link to use to get an idea of some of them and how they relate to primary abilities:


Another temp SA link from VOE. Useful in a general sense but do not take as canon and definitely do not use any "house rules" FF junk:


Here is a link to V:tM LORES (All Lores are Secondary Knowledges; they are not allowed to replace Primaries nor are they under "OCCULT":

24. Thaumaturgy and Necromancy: Only applies if your character has this Discipline (usually Tremere only), otherwise leave blank. Add in Initial Stage as well.

25. Merits & Flaws: Add in Initial Stage. You may not have more than 7 total points of either Merits or Flaws. Any overages can be adjusted in Freebies stage: if you have more Merits than Flaws, subtract the difference from your Freebies. If you have more Flaws than Merits you may add the difference to your allowed Freebies (obviously only up to 22 total 15+7 Max). There is a list of currently approved Merits & Flaws HERE (link under construction).


Temp Links to use for Merits & Flaws. The VOE one is incomplete and VTM -centric in coverage; the Pen&Paper one doesn't give details but it DOES give the sourcebook for tons of them in every genre so you know what's currently legal and what isn't.

26. Notes/Extras/Other: If you need space for miscellaneous things.


After you make your first pass through, go back and spend your 15 (+ Overages) Freebie Points. Make sure you have chosen your Merits & Flaws, & Secondary Abilities, and added any notes to Miscellaneous, prior to switching to Freebies stage.






Character Creation: WW2300 103-104

Sabbat: WW2303 Pages 81-85

Caitiff: WW2302 Pages 54-55

Abilities: WW2300 Pages 119-129

Secondary Abilities: WW2302 Pages 67-72, also WW2301 Pages 15-31 Attributes, WW2300 Pages 115-119

Natures & Demeanors: pgs. 112-115, also Guide to Cam WW2302 Pages 66-67




Kindred of all Clans: Ice, Jon

Ghouls: Jon, Ice

Revenants: Jon 





"Evil is a point of view. God kills indiscriminately and so shall we. For no creatures under God are as we are, none so like him as ourselves. " - Lestat de Lioncourt, Anne Rice's "Interview With A Vampire"



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ISBN: 1-58846-219-6 Conflict between the Camarilla and Sabbat in a real-world sense.
Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion (2002)
ISBN: 1-58846-222-6 Expanded information on non-traditional Thaumaturgy
Guide to the Anarchs (Feb. 2002)
ISBN: 1-58846-223-4 Politics of undead reform, from fist-shaking iconoclasts to reasoned intellectuals and everyone in between.
Archons & Templars (2002)
ISBN: 1-58846-224-2 Archons & Templars allows players to assume the roles of prestigious Cainites in the Great Jyhad.
Havens of the Damned (2002)
ISBN: 1-58846-225-0 A folio of interesting havens
State of Grace (2002) (Year of the Damned™)
ISBN: 1-58846-234-X Kindred with Faith (of various religions)
Caine's Chosen: The Black Hand (Jan. 2003)
ISBN: 1-58846-236-6 Martial Arm of the Sabbat, or Gehenna Cult? Supercedes Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand (WW2006 1994)
Counsel of Primogen (March 2003)
ISBN: 1-58846-237-4 Expanded info on Primogen
Lair of the Hidden (Aug. 11th, 2003) (Time of Judgement
ISBN: 1-58846-242-0 Carpathia & the Inconnu
WW2431 The R
ed Sign (2003)  (Time of Judgement
ISBN: 1-58846-245-5 M:tA & V:tM TOJ Crossover: Kindred & Mages conspire to break Caine's Curse
Chaining the Beast (July 2003)
ISBN: 1-58846-241-2 Paths of Enlightenment in detail (Non-Humanity)
Encyclopaedia Vampirica (2002)
ISBN: 1-58846-227-7 Primer of Kindred
WW2441 Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom (May 2003) ISBN: 1-58846-239-0 New African Clans: Laibon, Guruhi, Naglopers, Akunanse
Ventrue Chronicles (Dec. 2003)
ISBN: 1-58846-244-7 Created in the spirit of the Giovanni Chronicles series, The Ventrue Chronicle focuses on the trials and tribulations of a single clan.
WW2470 Victorian Age: Vampire (2003) ISBN: 1-58846-229-3 NOT a Dark Ages module. 19th Century Setting for V:tM
WW2471 London By Night (Nov. 2002) ISBN: 1-58846-230-7 Supplement for Victorian Age: Vampire. Prince Mithras.
WW2472 Victorian Age Companion (April 2003) ISBN: 1-58846-238-2 Information and rules for Victorian-era Abilities and Backgrounds, and the bloodlines of the era
WW2624 Cities of Darkness Vol. 3 (2003) ISBN: 1-56504-235-2 Supercedes previously out-of-print Dark Colony (WW2212 1993) and Alien Hunger (WW2100 1991). Denver & New England By Night
Transylvania Chronicles IV: The Dragon Ascendant (2000)
ISBN: 1-56504-293-X V:tm & V:tDA Crossover. Concluding story begun 4 years ago in Dark Tides Rising. Resolves  800-year-old feud between 2 of the most evil minds in the WOD. (SA: WW2813 TC III, 
WW2818 Erciyes Fragments (Nov. 1998) (Out of Print) ISBN: 1-56504-237-9 More Gehenna & Book of Nod type stuff
WW2832 Veil of Night (Year of the Scarab™) ISBN: 1-58846-206-4 Guide to the medieval Islamic world & the Cainites who rule its nights. VtM/MtR crossover
WW2999 Gehenna (Jan. 2004)
(Time of Judgement
ISBN: 1-58846-246-3 Gehenna brings about the conclusion of vampires World of Darkness. (Ending at ST Discretion)
WW4046 Blood Treachery (2000) (The Year of Revelations) ISBN: 1-56504-409-6 V:tM & M:tA Crossover. OOH Versus Tremere. Ghoul & revenant mages, the original development of House Tremere and its secret expatriates in the Orders House Tytalus.
WW6008 The Quick and the Dead (1995) (The Year of The Hunter) ISBN:1-56504-613-7

W:tO - V:tM - H:tR & Mortal Crossover. Relationships between Wraiths & the living. Introduces Ghost Hunters

WW6200 Necropolis: Atlanta (1994) ISBN:1-56504-164-X V:tM & W:tO Crossover.





"One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach; all the damn vampires."

-- Grandpa, "The Lost Boys" (1987)


**NOTE: A PC may not assume to know the "aura" or reading of a Vampire until they have earned this knowledge IC, via RP, buying Kindred Lore, or info from an approved background. Otherwise, they may see the reading as stated, but it has no meaning to them.




"How do we seem to you? Do you find us beautiful, magical? Our white skin, our fierce eyes? 'Drink,' you ask me; do you have any idea of the thing you will become?" - Louis de Pointe du Lac in Anne Rice's "Interview With A Vampire"



BOOKS: "The Vampire Chronicles" by Anne Rice, "Dracula" by Bram Stoker, "I Am Legend" by Richard Matheson (1954), The Harry Potter Series, "Lost Souls" by Poppy Z. Brite, "Blood Is Not Enough" Anthology edited by Ellen Datlow, Day of the Jackal [Assamite/Assassin mentality], "Bloodwar: The Masquerade Of The Red Death" by Robert Weinberg

MOVIES: Near Dark, The Lost Boys, The Hunger, Blade I & II, Highlander I (Immortals & their "Masquerade"), Fright Night, Salem's Lot, Lifeforce , Vampire Hunter D (Kyûketsuki) (somewhat KOTE), Countess Dracula, Dracula ('58), Dracula A.D. 1972, The Omega Man

MUSIC: "Bloodletting" by Concrete Blonde, "Night Moves" by Marilyn Martin, "After Dark" by Blue Oyster Cult, "Blessed Are You" & "Dracula" by Iced Earth

POETRY: "The Vampire" by Charles Baudelaire, "The Vampire" by Rudyard Kipling

TELEVISION: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dark Shadows, Forever Knight, Hellsing (& another Hellsing Link), "Kindred: The Embraced" (1995)


VIDEO GAMES:   Vampire: the Masquerade - Redemption




Quintessential V:tM Archetypes in Media & Myth:

  • Hannibal Lecter: the perfect Malkavian (with shades of Ventrue)

  • The gang (David, Star, etc.) from "Lost Boys": Brujah

  • Louis from "Interview With A Vampire": Toreador (in attitude)

  • Drusilla from "Buffy": Oracular Ability Merit in use

  • Severen in "Near Dark": poss. Brujah, if not outright Anarch or shades of Sabbat

  • Malfoy & House Slitherin in "Harry Potter": Tremere (in attitude)




"Ah, come now. I look like an angel, but I'm not. The old rules of nature encompass many creatures like me. We're beautiful like the diamond-backed snake, or the striped tiger, yet we're merciless killers."

--- Lestat, "Tale of the Body Thief"



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