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This page contains information on where the game is set, IC, and where the game is played on IRC, OOC. Also, a list of channels, and a few notes relating to the channels.




Location: This game takes place in Washington, DC. 

All IC locales are loosely based on actual places in Washington, DC & the  surrounding Metro area, when possible. Please refer to the Maps & Tours page for specific details. 


Time [Calendar]: Present Day.


Time of Day IC: Always at ST's discretion (not real-time). If Kindred characters are in a scene, it is automatically nighttime, unless the ST decrees otherwise. 


Factions In Control IC: Since this has different relevance to PC's in different genres, "Factions in Control" will be discussed on the individual Genre pages as relevant to that genre, rather than here.



For information on a variety of minor things you need to know to RP being in DC, (such as Gun laws, drinking age, etc.):




[B] Where Do We Play (OOC)? - IRC Channels Used:


[1] Channels: 


Players sometimes ask, "Why isn't there anyone ever playing in #11th_Hour_Lounge? Did your game shut down?" 


No, not at all. 


Allow us to clarify:


The original 11th Hour Lounge (which was destroyed via IC RP events in early 2002) was formerly a 5-Star Private Dining Club on Embassy Row in NW Washington, DC. The Concierge service "At Your Service" next occupied that physical location IC. The channel #11th_Hour_Lounge is being retooled a third time into a dress-up venue TBA. 


RP has moved from one central channel, to multiple channels, as appropriate to the genre or the scene warrants. 


So the question "Where's the IC Channel?" in a large crossover game like this makes no sense. There is no one channel.



[2] The "Alliance" Channels

[Channels we recognize in this game, and who abide by these rules]:

  • #11th_Hour_Lounge [PUBLIC. Currently houses "At Your Service" & "Kulterny"]

  • #11thHourOOC [PUBLIC. Player/ST Chat & Dice for all Alliance Channels. This is the "Main Channel" and OOC Channel.]

  • #Bound [PUBLIC, but only open at ST Discretion. BDSM Fetish Club in DC.]

  • #CapitalHill [PUBLIC. Public venue + VIP "Members Only" Country Club]

  • #DCStreets [PUBLIC. Generic catch-all Channel for in-town RP]

  • #Gehenna [Need-to-Know Basis only]

  • #MagicBox [PUBLIC. Occult shop and Bookstore in Mid-town. See Ice or Eriond or Hera for info.]

  • #The-Phantasm [PUBLIC. Large Public Lindy/Swing/Jazz Nightclub]

  • #WebOfNight [PUBLIC. Goth/Industrial Public Music Club]

  • #WolfHaven [Not Public. Shifter Players only. Note, this is NOT a Caern!]


-- And any other channels created by your ST 


[NOTE: Barging into any channels not listed above as PUBLIC, and/or not listed here AT ALL, makes your PC fair game for whatever the Players or ST who set the channel up impart onto you. Ask before inviting yourself in.]



Because of too many disagreements when something went wrong, we now more strictly police all side channels created for RP in this Chronicle. Because any scene COULD, and sometimes HAS, ended up in a combat (or worse), we now require that an Op or ST must be present in the side channel for the RP to be acknowledged. If that is not possible, because we're AFK or out, one of those involved must report the scene to an ST, offering them the logs if needed. 

And LOG EVERYTHING. Otherwise you will not get experience or items gained in the scene. If RP is not reported and you continue to RP about that event improperly, the ST could potentially make you void months of character history to fix it.

Too many players have gone off on their own, but then if it comes to combat and something isn't done "fairly", the players suddenly want the Ops/ST's to fix things. Plus, on more than one occasion, players have dragged other players to non-Alliance channels where those PC's are suddenly subject to different rules, different approved or not allowed characters, and so on, and this damaged the RP with those changes.

ST's have the right to review the RP and intervene after the fact, if something was not done properly at the time the RP happened.  

Also, ST's reserve the right to ST or monitor any RP in any side channel that originated with our chronicle. (eg: if you are in the 11th Hour or the Web, and your chars leave and go to the Coffee Shop or Mary's Haven or the Park or whatever, we still are the ST's for that side RP and have final say in the dispensation of the scene.) 

Players may not know all the factors that can affect a fellow character in that scene (Such as unobvious consequences of sex or feeding (bonding, poison, diseases), secret use of a discipline/gift/rote, etc., allergies, flaws, fears, etc.) Only that character's ST is qualified to guide such results. Refusal of legitimate channel access to an ST may result in an ST penalty or even a kick-ban & confiscation.



[C] Consistency/Standardization of Channel Rules


There will be a mark, "}A{" in the topic of all official 11th Hour Chronicle Alliance channels. All such delineated channels completely accept and enforce these rules listed here, so you have the same rules, ST's and treatment in all of them, no rude surprises. 



[D] Other IRC WOD Channels (Policy Change as of Jan. 2003):


Prior to our move to SorceryNet in December 2002, the 11th Hour was an "Open Game," meaning that we cooperated when possible with other DALNet RP channels in allowing chars to play in multiple games at once, keeping their items and experience, accepting claims of IC territory and authority over various cities, and held a general policy of open-door crossover.


This will no longer be the case, effective January 2003 and forward. 


What occurs in non-Alliance channels and games does not govern ours in any way whatsoever. They do not exist to this chronicle.



[E] When Do We Play (OOC) And How Often?


We have players from over 6 different time zones, on at least 4 different continents (North America, South America, Europe and Australia). While most of our ST's are in the EST time zone (GMT -5), not all are, and there is the possibility for RP practically 24/7 for whomever wishes it. 


While it is theoretically possible to RP pretty much any time of day or night; the busiest times are evenings after dinner EST, and before most people go to bed during the week. This would be approximately 6 pm to 1 am EST, and most weekends.


However, this is not in stone, nor is there a set time that we log on and play. If there's enough people in channel and not AFK who can and want to play, we play. And if everyone is out having a life from 6 pm to 1 am EST, we might not play that day.


If you want to make sure people will be on when you want to be playing, make use of Yahoo Groups or ICQ to contact other players or ST's and set it up. We will sometimes pre-schedule larger and more involved deliberate RP scenes, usually posted in the Yahoo Group it pertains to. (This is why membership on the lists is required.)



NOTE: This is, in theory, a HIGH PLAYER PARTICIPATION CHRONICLE, at least if all the players are actively pursuing their tasks and goals. If you want to just pop on one weekend a month or whatever, or if you can't check your messages and try to show up when your PC is needed, then this is not the game for you. Every character is designed to matter, not just to the story but to other characters, and when you make people wait on you it sucks the fun out of it. 


There are no walk-ons or cameos in this Chronicle, so please be clear that all players are expected to show up regularly and often, or inform us when that isn't going to be possible. See the Inactivity Guidelines for specifics. Please be responsible to know what kind of time commitment you can give and be honest about that.




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