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This page contains introductory information on our game; the basic things new players would want to know first.

This Chronicle requires regular participation from all players, which will be detailed later in the rules.

This game is also geared towards experienced players. New WOD players are welcome, but please understand that we are not a teaching channel. 

The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers, which are cited to justify it.

 -- President John F. Kennedy
Address to newspaper publishers

April 27, 1961

History of the Channel & Basic Info on this Game


The 11th Hour / Washington, D.C. By Night Chronicle has been run contiguously on IRC; on DalNet from 1997-2002, then SorceryNet from January 2003 - April 2005, then to Darkmyst, which is our current home. OWOD 1.0 ran from 1997-2005. In 2005, we completed Time of Judgment and reset the game to NWOD 2.0.




We run the New World of Darkness only, a.k.a. "2.0" Rules. 


There is no FreeForm (FFRP), and no "Lex Rules" (a player-invented alternate  combat system, which originated on DALnet in #VampireHall years ago. "Lex" is short for "Lex Talionis," Latin for "The Law of Retaliation."). 


We are one of the only IRC WOD Chronicles to run a complete cross-over campaign with all  Modern Day New World of Darkness Modules (V:tR, W:tF, M:tA, P:tC, C:tL, H:tV, G:tSE and Mortals.)



  • IC = In Character (Stuff your character does, knows or says).

  • OOC = Out Of Char (Stuff the player does, knows or says).

  • ST = Storyteller, the Game Master/Referee. They have Ops ("@") in channel.

  • Narrator = Assistant ST. May or may not be an Op.

  • "Canon" = The White Wolf Meta Plot "Party Line." Facts that agree with the history of the World of Darkness, in White Wolf gaming materials, as opposed to conflicting facts that individual games invent. There is less Canon in nWOD (2.0), but there are still many established "facts" about the world in which it occurs.

  • PC = Player Chars (Normal Characters).

  • NPC = Non-Player Chars (see below)

The Term "Non-Player Character" is traditionally for more powerful characters run by an ST as a plot device. Usually, either:

  • [c1] An ST-invented character written specifically for a storyline or plot device, or 

  • [c2] A character out of WW Canon used as a plot device (example, a Justicar), or

  • [c3] A high-XP PC, moved to NPC so the STs can supervise high-powered characters, or

  • [c4] A PC that belongs to an ST that needs a special distinction.

NPCs are not allowed to steamroll over weaker, newer characters simply because they can. Their goals and actions are ST directed. However, if your PC messes with an NPC first, bad RP choices may have consequences (such as if a Vampire walked into a Werewolves' Den, or a mortal into a Vampire's haven.) The STs will not protect your character from stupidity and Darwinism.



  • Channel Founder/Head ST: ^IceFalcon^

  • Additional ST's: Hera, Eriond, JonOOC & Caleb_Brown

  • Honorary Non-ST Op: Magnus

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