The Orpheum Theate


  The Orpheum Theater in Washington, DC, like so many of its counterparts nationwide, was born at the turn of last century to house many of the burgeoning Vaudeville acts and eventually even some Talking Pictures. The stately, elegant theater, state-of-the-art in its day, grew and shifted with the times, becoming home to various stage and screen acts well up into the 50's and 60's, when the race riots that eviscerated the heart of much of Washington's private sector landscape claimed her life as well. The building sat vacant, testimony to times of trial, until the turning of the next century. 

The worn and damaged building was purchased in 2003 by a young, up and coming Vogue fashion model named Angelique D'Aubigne, recently of Anguilla Island in the Caribbean. D'Aubigne immediately set to work and by early Fall the same year she had the dilapidated theater back on its feet in all and then some of its former glory. Though now in condition to be reopened, she kept the property as a private residence and entertainment novelty, kicking off the Orpheum's reopening with a "Samhain" (Halloween) party soirée on Halloween, 2003.

pegasusanddragon.jpg (66498 bytes)The party, quite the Who's Who of the Fashion, Music and Art creative worlds of Washington, was said to have been truly dazzling until interrupted by some manner of disturbance that night. Given the initial earlier scare by headlining performer Goth Rocker Loki faking his own death by electrocution, none are really sure outside the clique that attended, but it was rumoured that the party was crashed and attacked, and D'Aubigne has not been seen since that night. Gossip was that a giant dragon and Pegasus were involved; then again, given the propensities of many in attendance, police have their own theories about such reports. 

After weeks of searching, her agent and attorney resigned themselves to the notion that without their client present and generating modeling income, they could not afford to continue to maintain this majestic property on her behalf, and so have generously rented it out for use by the Washington Arts Society until D'Aubigne is found, and/or her Estate settled. 


Outside of the Orpheum Theater

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Programmes from the old Orpheum Theater

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Original Invitation to D'Aubigne's Party

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(graphic by mel)

Ticket Booth and Entrance

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Lobby Area

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Auditorium & Stage

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The Orpheum: Icon of A Golden Age


Some graphics and concepts chosen, designed or collaborated upon, by Mel.